Transforming Friday Ala Carte Dining into a Fresh, Cutting-Edge Experience


The Food and Beverage staff would like to try something new and fun…something that brings you more variety and value.  For last several years we have come out with a smaller ala carte dining menu for the summer months.  These menus cover all the bases of beef, poultry, fish, pasta, as well as incorporating a few specials.  But what we want to do from here on out is create a new “Fresh” style menu for you to choose from that changes each week throughout the summer.

Our talented culinary team want to show you what they are made of, and provide you with entrees that you will not want to miss out on.  The menu each week will consist of 8 items (2 Beef, 2 Poultry, 2 Fish, and 2 specialty entrees).  The goal is to incorporate locally grown and sourced meats and vegetables, creating new and exciting meals that will captivate your taste buds and entice you to come back for more.  The introduction of this variety each week allows us to bring you even more creativity and freshness.

Some of the changes you may also see are reducing salt and replacing it with more healthy spices and fresh herbs; reducing sugar-added sweets and desserts; using healthier oils, organic fruits, and vegetables grown without GMOs; and antibiotic-free pasture-raised animal proteins; which are just some of the new things that you can look forward to coming out of the kitchen.

Once a month, in place of our rotating dinner menus and Thirsty Thursday’s, we will also have a table d’hôte special called “Two can Dine with a bottle of Wine for $39”.  It will consist of a 5 item menu with a starter, main course and bottle of red or white wine for 2 people for $39++!  This event will act as our ala carte menu for that evening and will give you a chance to taste an abundance of different flavors that you can pair with a nice bottle of wine.

We hope you will enjoy these new concepts. Give us your opinions. We are listening and we want to make sure that each time you visit that you enjoy our service, quality, and value!


6 thoughts on “Transforming Friday Ala Carte Dining into a Fresh, Cutting-Edge Experience

  1. Mary Lynn Chlada

    Can’t wait to try it!
    We need a change for sure.
    I would love to see a grilled pork chop, grilled chicken breast steak salad and fish grilled with our sauces.
    Can we take a vote with the owners and see what they think?
    Mary Lynn Chlada

  2. John Miller

    I’ve always felt Spring Run has the best dining room in the area (including Naples), and this step solidifies that view. I look forward to tasting what our chefs will create for our fun dining pleasure! However…. we’re not back until mid-September, so please keep it up through the fall, at least.

  3. Jack Butler

    This new menu sounds like a great idea and the health considerations on how the food is prepared is fantastic as well. Things like these only help to enhance are life at Spring Run. Thank you .

  4. Christine Cunningham

    Dined there last Friday with 2 other couples. Dinner choices were great! My petite filet was outstanding. Thank you for working so hard to please our summer / year round residents. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  5. Tom Willoughby

    Glad to hear you are looking to add healthy oils and use less salt and sugar, as well as organic foods and grass fed protein. Thank you.

    PS- consider healthy menu for happy hours.

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