Please be patient with our gate transition

Dear Spring Run Member,

I am interested in your feedback regarding the new guards. The new Service Contract with Securitas began on Nov 4, but I haven’t heard much one way or another. Maybe no news is good news, given that the entry process should be smooth and not aggravating. Of course, there is a learning curve, but they appear to be doing a very good job and getting to know you.

Please be patient with this transition. The guards are operating according to our established procedures (Post Orders), whereas the previous guards may have become a little lax. Remember, if you have a guest or delivery, call the gatehouse in advance or the guard will call you when the guest or delivery arrives at the gate. It appears to be a nuisance for some owners, but it is a very important part of the privacy process for most owners.

The Visitor Management System will be installed on (or around) Nov 28th,  and the stickers should be here that day as well. That system will make it easier to communicate which guests can come in and when they will be here though automation and allowing you to help manage your lists, eliminating miscommunication. I am very excited to get these systems in place! It will give the new staff the tools they need to serve you better and make the process of coming and going seamless.



10 thoughts on “Please be patient with our gate transition

  1. Bob Polek

    The transition seems to be seamless. On the positive side their appearance and conduct is more professional.
    The new entry system needs to be implemented quickly. Currently we have zero security for anyone who drives through the homeowners side , the gate is open without question.

  2. Lorraine and Ron

    Great people. Seems like a very smooth transition. I agree with Ron in the above comments. Would never knew anything changed. Which is good. Love the new gates😀🌴🌴

  3. Chuck Staro

    Mike: I find them to be quite good and somewhat a breath of fresh air. They have called when we forgot to notify the gate that someone was coming in and I find nothing wrong with that. It did not happen previously. Also, I have one car with a bad barcode so I have gotten to know some of them quite well. Very professional and accommodating.

  4. Sue Ebersoldt

    Mike, again another great decision. Thank you for your leadership & always thinking of what is best for Spring Run.. The new company is doing an excellent job.

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