Dear Spring Run Member,

Just a quick heads up regarding the changeover to transponders at the gate next week. We anticipate everything being installed and up and running by the week of Dec 5th. Therefore, we will set up a station under the porte cochere so you can just drive in, and an employee will scrape off your old bar code and install a new transponder sticker. The system is updated in real time, so as soon as we key in your name with the transponder number, it will be functional. And more reliable than the bar codes.

We will have this station set up for two weeks in December on the following days:

  • Tues Dec 6, Wed Dec 7, and Thurs Dec 8 from 10-3 PM
  • Tues Dec 13, Wed Dec 14, and Thurs Dec 15 from 10-3 PM

We will have a new schedule for January announced soon. Of course, you can just come to the office on other days or times, but it may take longer that way.

There is no charge for the first sticker for owners, but additional owner stickers are $10 + tax. Guests and Transfer Members stickers will be $15 + tax (these stickers are much more expensive than bar codes)

Also, other options for guests remain as well, including a guest pass with a bar code that can be scanned 24 hours a day, and a code for entry that can be sent to a specific smart phone. More to come….

Have a wonderful Holiday Season.



4 thoughts on “Transponders

    1. Mike Zigler

      Mr. Gyselinck,
      I understand the convenience factor, but our policy is never to hand out a bar code, or in this case, transponder sticker, to anyone. The issue is that, theoretically, someone could then pass it around to others who are not registered or do not live here, giving them unlimited access. We do this to provide petter privacy and security for our members.

  1. Bob Polek

    Why are owners who have more then one car required to pay for additional stickers . We have already paid for additional stickers as required when we brought another vechicle on property. I believe all current owner who have active stickers on record should not be charged for this system change. If you don’t agree, please explain the reasoning why this change should cost owners who have already paid for additional stickers to have more then one car on property.

    1. Mike Zigler

      I am also replying here so that I can clarify the procedure to the rest of the membership.
      We will replace up to two bar codes with transponders per unit, providing that the second vehicle already has a bar code on it. If the second car never had a purchased bar code, or it was a new vehicle that would have had to purchase a new bar code, we will charge for that second transponder.

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