Golf Area Reminders

Dear Spring Run Members,

A couple reminders as the season starts up and there is so much more activity around the Bag Drop, Cart Barn, and Practice Areas.

  • First, please remember NOT to walk in front of the garage doors where the carts go in and out of the cart barn. It is dangerous as the cart drivers cannot always see you as they go in and out. We certainly do not want any injuries.
  • And second, please DO NOT pull your golf carts between the columns up to the ice and water dispenser at The Turn. Yes, it is a continuation of pavers, but there are pedestrians who have parked and walked to get water, and they are definitely in danger of being hit.
  • One last note….if you are using a pull cart at the range, please leave it on the pavers around the big tree at the corner of the building (by the restrooms). This lets the outside operations staff know that a pull cart is available for use by another member, so there is no waiting. We actually ran out yesterday, but only because we didn’t realize some carts were done being used.

Thank you!


One thought on “Golf Area Reminders

  1. Michael Butler

    What about all the rocks coming from the sand traps? Is anyone checking the damage to the greens when they inked?

    How course is the sand in the traps?
    Is anyone sifting the sand?
    Seems pretty easy and inexpensive.

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