Summit Update

Dear Spring Run Member,

I thought I would relay a few Summit notes as we start the season…

First, while Summit was permitted a 3% increase annually on the video portion of the bulk fee, credits collected from Summit this past year for performance issues (long call waits, etc) were applied to the increase, which effectively eliminated it altogether for 2017.

Also, Summit had wanted to increase the Digimax pricing in the Brooks to bring it in line with the rest of SW Florida’s pricing. As a result, Sandy Varnum and the Brooks Committee negotiated the increase down from $24.99 to $21.99 this year, then to $24.99 next year.They were also successful in keeping Encore in the package.

Finally, if you were charged $30 for a phone reconnection fee, you should have already received a full credit. If you did not, please call Summit to remind them.



9 thoughts on “Summit Update

  1. Sandy Varnum

    The increase was negotiated down from $24.99 to $21.99 this year, then to $24.99 next year. Encore will remain in the package.

  2. Jeanne Rogers

    Increase in 2018 or in 2017 as the letter from Summit just said. 2018 it will go up more again. Not such good deal. Glad someone benefits from the poor service and constant outages.


    We have a continuing problem getting the tv to turn on. We have to press the small green button, then the large button, then the small button again; and sometimes that doesn’t work, so then we have to disconnect the box, reconnect it and wait for the unit to ‘re boot itself. Very frustrating.

    1. Mike Zigler

      Mr. Bigane,
      can you tell me what in particular went up on your bill? If it is an increase on the Summit bill they mail to you, then it is possible you had an increase on your optional services. But there should have been no increase on the quarterly billing for bulk service that we placed on your last member statement.

      1. William Bigane

        Mike, according to my latest statement from Summit, Digimax, Premier, and Encore, increased from $17.95, to $21.99. If I am reading your original post correctly, their proposed increase, was delayed until next year.

        Thank you

  4. William Bigane

    Customer service is deplorable, cable is out at least once a day. Invoice increased by $4.46, and summit will not compensate for outages in the billing. Great deal for them, not so much for us.

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