Followup Blog on Bunkers

Dear Spring Run Member,

Last week, I addressed the issue of shells and rocks in the sand traps, and why they have become a problem. I did not give specifics on what the solution might be. I’ll talk about that now.

This past week, Golf Course Maintenance dug out greenside bunkers on #4 and today on #6, and filled each with fresh new G-Angle sand. Completely shell and rock free. And Friday morning, they will remove sand, rock, and shell from #5 and #9 greenside traps, and likewise replace it all with brand new bunker material. I realize that #6 had really become a problem, and wanted everyone to know that it has been taken care of.

Next week, the Maintenance crew will work on holes in need of sand on the back 9 by continuing the same removal and replacement process.

We don’t anticipate redoing all the bunkers. Most are rarely used and /or full of enough sand to not be a shell problem. And since we may be adding some sort of liner to a number of bunkers in the near future, we don’t want to spend money when it’s not needed.



2 thoughts on “Followup Blog on Bunkers

  1. Mike Fisher


    I am glad you took these steps. The trap at 6 was really bad. I have experience with traps and liners. This is not an easy change and will be pleased to discuss with you.

    Mike Fisher


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