Audio Induction Loop

Dear Spring Run Member,

Perhaps you have hearing aid, and if you do, this article is for you!


About seven years ago, we installed what’s known as an “Audio Induction Loop”, which is basically a sound system for people with hearing aids. The copper wire loop installed under the carpet in the Dining Room and placed above the ceiling tiles of the Lakeview Room provides a magnetic signal that is picked up by the T Coil (telecoil) of the hearing aid. By picking up this signal and funneling it directly into the ear, it allows for anyone struggling to hear a person speaking into a microphone to hear them much more clearly.

“I just wanted to let you know how well the streamer for my hearing aids picked up the audio signals during the “Meet the Candidates” forum today.  Even though I was sitting in the front row, by turning the streamer off and back on, the difference in clarity was huge.

It might be worthwhile to bring this feature to the attention of the members again, as I notice many members wearing hearing aids” – Larry Bierman

Prompted by this note from one of our members, I am doing just that. Also, we would like to hold a small 15-30 minute session with the hearing specialist who first installed it at Spring Run at a date to be announced. A list of Frequently Asked Questions are attached. As always, feel free to leave a reply or question. Thanks!

Loop FAQ



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