Latest on The Golf Guys

Dear  Spring Run Member,

By now, most of you have heard that we are considering partnering with The Golf Guys, Inc., to provide merchandise for the Pro Shop. It was presented at the April Board Meeting, but no action was taken until more information was available. I anticipate more to come soon, but wanted to address the rumors that this would be a “handshake agreement”.

At the last meeting, I mentioned that the terms of the arrangement were quite loose, indicative of how The Golf Guys wished to operate. They do a lot of business with a handshake. It involves a lot of trust, and I think there is a good deal of mutual trust in this situation as well.  All that said, there will be a written agreement with terms that are specific to each party’s responsibilities.

After meeting with the club that developed this program, we feel assured that there is significant upside for our members, and little to no downside.

So, we will either continue our operation as usual, or partner with The Golf Guys this summer. As was mentioned in the last Board Meeting, we need to arrive at a decision very soon so that we have time to prepare for either outcome. I will update this blog in the next week or so, so keep an eye out for it.




6 thoughts on “Latest on The Golf Guys

  1. Christine Hamilton

    This arrangement sounds like it would be beneficial to all of Spring Run. I trust both the board and our general manager will make the best, informed decision for all of us.

  2. frank goldberg

    I think it is a great idea!! I do most of my shopping at the golf guys as I find the selection at our club does not suit my taste level.. I had credit of over $200 this season from the men’s league and all I could buy to spend that money was balls and gloves which I did not really need but I was not going to leave the $ expire. What have we got to loose?? Try it for a season and see what happens. As you know my background is apparel and I would be more than happy to assist in any way to make our merchandise selection a little more appealing. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any help to our club and community.. Regards Frank Goldberg Colour is and has been my life!!

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    1. Mike Zigler

      Thank you for the offer, Mr. Goldberg. Looks like it will go forward, just have to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Have a great summer.

  3. Nancy & Perry Camodeca

    Mike, it sounds like a win win situation and we have no doubt that you are handling this opportunity for the club’s best interest.

  4. Farshid Ebrahimi-Ghajar

    I have shopped at Golf Guys for many years, I believe they would be an excellent partner. This is a great proposal by the board.

  5. Hal Mendlowitz

    As you have commented, the downside has very few limitations. In my opinion. Then the benefits are greater. Our buying power is very limited. As long as our selection and selling prices are compatible.

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