Golf Guys

Dear Spring Run Member,

This is just a note to remind you that we will soon be changing the Pro Shop merchandise over from “club-owned” to the Golf Guys. The projected transition date is July 1, at which time, the Golf Guys will purchase all remaining inventory from the club and restock the Pro Shop with a mix of those existing balls, gloves, and shoes, and an enormous golf club display and a host of brand new merchandise. Therefore, the sales are on now in order to reduce inventory and still realize some income before we turn it all over. Please stop in the Shop before July 1 to take advantage of this opportunity to save big!

Jewel and Jeff are working with Golf Guys to get the plan together and new accounts in place for July 1.

This new program may seem a departure from how we have done business in the past, and I certainly hope it is! Our staff has worked hard over the years to build Merchandise sales and provide high quality personalized service to our membership. But we have always been at a disadvantage due to our lack of volume. We will finally be able to provide you with every piece of golf equipment you could want, with pricing that will be highly competitive. And the staff will all remain in place, as our main product in the shop has always been member service. Jewel will still be placing orders, and they will likely be much bigger than before! This is a very exciting time for our members, and I am pleased to be able to implement such a beneficial program for all of you. It provides the club financial relief from unsold inventory, and gives the membership more choices at a lower price. That’s a Win – Win!

Stop in the Shop today!



3 thoughts on “Golf Guys

  1. Stephen M Cronin

    It would appear to me that if Spring Run could relieve itself of ALL the overhead in the golf shop this could be a Win-Win-Win proposition! Golf Guys, as demonstrated by it’s success, knows what people want in the way of apparel and related golf merchandise and should be able to do whatever ordering of merchandise is necessary to satisfy our members, thereby reducing even further the club’s financial exposure and hopefully increasing the bottom line return to the club. I am referring only to the retail operation and not the golf facility.

    1. Michael G Zigler

      Mr. Cronin,
      The Golf Guys require Spring Run to provide an onsite employee to select, order, inventory, and sell, and provide personal service. That is not a function that they are willing to provide. What they are willing to provide, though, is expertise, training, and advice from our Golf Guys liaison, as they feel this is the best way to optimize sales. They feel we know our individual members’ preferences better than they do.
      Certainly, they are a proven retailer. They will provide quality merchandise at the best price to our members. However, they understand that customizing the merchandising to our specific members’ needs will be the key to their success at Spring Run.

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