Hurricane Irma

Dear Spring Run Member,

Its blue skies and sunny out the window in Southwest Florida, but that will change starting tomorrow. Overnight, this enormous storm’s track shifted to the west a bit, taking it over the Everglades, and essentially affecting both coasts.

We have secured the club, and are prepared to recover once the storm passes. Please note that we will be shutting down the email and data servers to protect the equipment. This means we will not be able to receive emails or communicate with you until Monday at the earliest.

If you have decided to stay in Spring Run, please be safe, and we wish you the best. The staff will be back as soon as possible!


3 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma

  1. Joseph X. Martin

    There is a large community of Spring Run people who are not now in residence. If there is anything we can do to help those of you who live there year round, you have but to ask.

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