Club closure and tree cleanup

Dear Spring Run members,

We apologize for lack of communication but since we have no power we can’t  send frequent email updates. Unfortunately the power is still out throughout the community, so the club will be closed until we can get electricity. We will keep you posted. We are working very hard to get power back.

In the meantime, we have cleaned up the trees that fell onto the streets so they are passable, although some street flooding remains. Tree cleanup will be a long process so we thank you for your patience.


2 thoughts on “Club closure and tree cleanup

  1. Christine Hamilton

    People who are not in Spring Run need to understand the communication problem we who are here are facing. Springing Forward and Facebook are the only means we can spread the word to groups regarding this storm and its affects right now..

  2. Ken Greene

    Is there any clue when electricity will be available in Spring Run yet?
    Toying with hooking up portable power if the delay will be very long.

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