Hurricane Irma aftermath

Dear Spring Run Member,

I’d like to update you on the recovery process currently underway. Thank you for your patience while we work through the challenges of getting back up and running.

Since the storm passed, we have been focusing first on making the roads passable. With most employees evacuating, there were few to do the heavy lifting. Assisting the staff were two separate crews tasked with removing trees from the streets and then on the golf course.

On Wednesday, a bigger crew of returning staff took aim at cleaning up the golf course, which had very little damage besides losing a number of trees. The ones that are crucial or in play are being taken out now. The rest of the damaged trees will come out in time.

On Thursday, Crawford Landscaping will have been freed up enough from clearing streets in other communities to send in a full cleanup crew, along with the arbor division, which has its work cut out for it. Some can be propped back up but most will need to be taken out and replaced. This will take several weeks, and replacement even longer.

Golf Maintenance power was just restored this morning, and with it, Target and other Coconut Point businesses on the same grid. Unfortunately, Spring Run, Lighthouse Bay, and Copperleaf are on a separate, yet to be restored grid. So we wait for either FPL to get us back up and running, or maybe those generators we ordered last week that ended up in Houston will show up sooner.

Not having power for a duration of time is a stressful thing. It’s not only uncomfortable and inconvenient, but you are stuck in neutral. That’s why there has been little communication, and none through traditional channels. We haven’t had email since Saturday when we took all the servers down, and no electricity means no other way to communicate. Except when I text Iva info as she lays in her hospital bed with her newborn (congrats!) and then posts to the blog or Facebook.

In a natural disaster like this, all resources, supplies, and workers get stretched very thin. And we just had two massive hurricanes back to back. Regardless, we are working hard to get Spring Run back to normal quickly. Thank you again for your patience. If there is anyone in need in Spring Run, please reply back to this message and we will help any way we can.

Thank you and I’ll be in touch soon with more information.



7 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma aftermath

  1. Vince Corso


    I think you and all our employees at Spring Run have done a tremendous job considering the circumstances. You all deserve a bug thank you for how fast those still around have responded. This is why Spring Run is the best community in SW and maybe all of Florida.

    Thanks to all of you.


  2. Sandy Varnum

    Mike. Thank you so much for your diligent attention to Spring Run and for communicating our progress.
    It sounds like we really dodged a bullet, and while there is work to do, we should all be thankful.
    Congrats to Iva!

  3. Bill Krein

    We are indeed fortunate to have the first class team you assembled at Spring Run. My friends in Shadow Wood are very envious of us.
    Thank you,
    Bill Krein

  4. Jim Heffernan

    Great job on the early clean up. We returned on Thursday afternoon and while it is obvious that the storm had done a lot of landscape damage the roads were all clear very easy traffic to our home. Thanks. Congratulations to Iva!!!
    Jim and Carol Heffernan

  5. Mike Quinlan

    Great “situation report”. Very comprehensive. Tough on everyone, especially the folks who lived through it. We were lucky. Can you fill us in on the surrounding areas – gas stations, stores, etc.? Some of us plan to come down in the fall – do you recommend doing so? My best to you, Shayne, Jeff, and all of the crew.

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