Cleanup Update

Dear Spring Run Member,

Cleanup from Irma continues around the community, but things are looking better, and we are getting ready for season. The next phase is stump removal, and then ultimately tree replanting. We were unable to save 47 trees that blew down around the common area (aside from the golf course, neighborhoods, or preserve areas), and those will be slated for replacement. Most will be replaced with the same type of tree, but there are a few varieties that may be replaced with something else. We are looking into the best options with our arborists.

We lost a few structures as well, including both metal structures for the bocce canopies, and about half of the fencing along Coconut Rd and one of the stucco pillars. Due to the demand for fencing and repairmen, it may take a couple months to get this completed. All in all, we were very fortunate. The damage to East Naples, Marco Island, and Lehigh has been significant.

I know there are questions and concerns regarding the cost of cleanup, but it may be awhile before I have final numbers. We do have insurance, but for a named storm, the deductible goes from $5,000 to 5% of the total insurable value. Because of this, we will be focusing on funding the costs of recovery first before considering new projects. There is a Board Workshop prior to the October Board Meeting to discuss the status of cleanup and expenses, and how to handle planning going forward, and we will share any information we have with you afterward.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this.



5 thoughts on “Cleanup Update

  1. Mary Ann Gullotti

    Happy to here you have an Arborist helping you with the best options for tree replacement. Looking forward to seeing your choices.

  2. Elaine Matook

    Hi Mike, We live at 23780 Clear spring Ct #1508. There are very large tree limbs between our Building and building 23790. They need to be cut before they can be removed because of the size and weight. We tried to move them away from ac units but they are too big. Any help in who to reach out to would be appreciated. We contacted HOA with no response.

    Thank you , Elaine and Nick Matook


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