Shopping at Golf Guys? Don’t forget to charge it back to the Club!

Dear Spring Run Member,

It has been brought to our attention that some members are using their credit cards instead of charging back to their club account when making a purchase at Golf Guys. Tell the counter associate your name and that you are a member of Spring Run, and they will send the transaction to us. In the  event that the associate is unaware of this policy, please let us know immediately.

Since Golf Guys is now handling our merchandising, there is no difference in price between their shop and ours. So purchasing there with your credit card offers no savings. The pricing that we now have comes from the buying power we get through our agreement with them. Charging back to the Club ensures we get credit for the sale, further ensuring that our pricing stays low. In addition, the Club gets commission on all golf equipment and attire purchased at either our own Golf Shop or at the Golf Guys Store. If you use your card at their store, the Club does not get credit for the sale.

Have questions? Please reply. Thank you!



7 thoughts on “Shopping at Golf Guys? Don’t forget to charge it back to the Club!

  1. Patty Orlando

    Does this arrangement mean that there will be no “member’s” discounted price and a non-members price on items purchased in the golf shop?

    1. There is a 20% discounted member price listed alongside the retail price on all apparel, and that will continue. The retail price listed is presumably the same as what Golf Guys is selling their item for at their shop, given that the item’s cost is exactly the same, and we use the same markup.
      There is no member pricing on equipment and golf balls. That pricing is already very low due to the buying power of theGolf Guys.

  2. Ronald Haggin

    I understand that we should support the clubs programs, but the problem is, I receive cash back or credit points on my credit card, but, I can not pay my statement at the club with a credit card and receive these benefits.

  3. David J. Raposa

    Just another example of Spring Run’s disregard for the membership’s best interests. Up
    until last year 80% of the S.R. membership used credit cards to pay their monthly
    statements, excluding the annual assessment. That being said it was decided by
    management to exclude member credit card payments to “SAVE MONEY”.

    Incredibly, from [May 1st thru October 31st] all reciprocals & those with PGA passes are
    allowed to use Master Card & Visa to pay for all golfing fees, dining and Golf Shop
    purchases. In addition, from November 1st to December 31st members from 7 Golf Clubs
    and those with PGA passes are able to book tee times and pay for all other costs incurred
    at S.R. with a credit card. This policy is certainly arbitrary and discriminatory!!!

    1. Mike

      Mr. Raposa,
      Actually, less than 20% of the membership paid their monthly bill via credit cards, while 80% of the owners subsidized a convenience that cost $20,000 a year.

      The reason that transfer members, reciprocals, and PGA pass golfers use a credit card is simple. It ensures that the club will be paid. Without a card to charge, transfer members could leave Spring Run with a large bill when they go home, costing the membership attorney fees to collect it, and possibly end up writing it off as bad debt. The same goes for reciprocals and outside play, but more so because it is the common practice for clubs to use credit cards for these groups. Much of the $100,000 in excess income from outside play this summer would not have happened if we required cash at the point of sale.

      The Golf Guys program is a cost saving service to the membership. In order to continue to provide our members with low prices, we need to get credit for sales. Members can pay with credit cards at Golf Guys if they like, but in the end, it is not helping the program.


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