More Interior Redecoration Project

Dear Members,

This is to follow-up on the last blog from two weeks ago to update you on the status of the renovation and to explain a little as to why it couldn’t be done all at one time. I want to thank everyone for being so understanding of the mess during this process. It will get better soon!

Currently, the Lakeview Room, Club Room, Grill Room, and Hallways are painted. Over the next week, they will go back over it and do the detail touchup work to finish those areas up. They are working on the Ladies’ Restrooms and Greens Room now, and will finish those up so we can have more usable member space before tearing up new areas. Speaking of, the Lobby will be the next focus now that the floor is down. And about that…the tile is not finished in the corners on each side where it butts up against the Amtico flooring because we are waiting for a nice bronze strip to be delivered that will separate the two floors, rather than use the standard aluminum strip. Once it is installed they will finish cutting and installing those remaining pieces.

The Lobby fireplace will get a new modern look, losing the extraneous wood trim and getting a new paint job. Lighting fixtures will be here and installed next week in the Lobby, Grill, and Club Rooms, and then the artwork will start to go back up. Windows will get some treatments, but it will be minimal. We really like how open and bright the rooms feel now without the coverings.


After the Lobby, and once the restrooms are both ready, they will address the single restrooms, the foyer outside the Pro Shop, and the Conference Room. By then, the carpeting should be delivered, hopefully by Sept 15, and all the chairs, tables, artwork, and furnishings will start arriving immediately after that. Then we will be done, except for the new Lobby furniture, which may take til the middle or end of Oct now.

I was asked today why we didn’t try to complete this whole project when we were closed, as ideally, you would want to be totally ready to go once we reopened. Well, that was the plan. However, we all know about plans. Let’s step back to April…

The Board had just approved the redecoration plan, and we were preparing to lock in contractors for August shutdown. However, due to a movement to revisit the project and alter the design, we found ourselves in mid-June before the entire House Committee could get together to discuss it and agree on a new design palette. Long story short, the entire project had to be requoted. By then, we were well past the deadlines on lead time for carpeting and furnishings, and we had to readjust our plan with a new emphasis on finishing by Oct 1. Also, the painting was always going to take several weeks, so there was never really a viable way around some dust and disruption. And that brings me to the main point, which is that if we had decided to stay closed during this project until it was finished, the golf course and clubhouse would have been unavailable to the membership for at least a month (longer based on the alterations to the design), and that was not feasible. We determined that a little mess would be acceptable in order for members to have access to their club, and so therefore, you all get to see the changes as they are being made in slow-mo!



8 thoughts on “More Interior Redecoration Project

  1. Jeanne Rogers

    Excellent recap and rational. Can’t wait to see it. Patience and end result are what’s important. Hope no ones giving your team too much grief. Be conservative with returning art work. A lot fit the old decor but will clutter up the new cleaner look.

  2. Paula Lockhart

    Thank you, Mike, to you & your entire staff for adapting to the challenge of the delay in the project. Kudos for keeping the Clubhouse open during the renovations. Reflecting back to June I believe that the revised look – different paint colors, different carpet & different material to recover the chairs & barstools – was worth the wait & the interruption. The new decor is fresh, light, bright & more contemporary. I look forward to seeing the finished product when I return in November.

  3. Joseph Noonan

    Mike and team, the rooms look great. We are looking forward to seeing all the changes to the club house in early October! This is only our 2nd season at Spring Run and we are so pleased to be a member.

    As an aside, the new cart path on #4 looks great. Jeff, Scott and the grounds crew did a nice job designing and making the modifications.

    Thanks to all.

  4. Ron and Lorraine Eberhardt

    Looks beautiful. Th soft paint color has such an island relaxing feel to it. Love the soft color of the lobby floor. Kudos to the committee for their choices.

  5. Jessie Lovatt

    Mike, it all coming together so well. Thank you for overseeing this project. Can’t wait to see it when the carpet is installed.

  6. jim skorupa

    Took a walk through on Friday the 24th so I could see the WIP. You could see the thing coming together. Already could sense more energy in the place. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Hope you can publish some before and after photos. I bet they will be stunning!

    Great job ! Congrats and thanks to all involved.

    regards jimS

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