Condo’s Garbage Recycle

Dear Members,

It has come to my attention that the Condo associations of Sunset Stream, Streamside, and Winding Stream are having problems with people dumping garbage into their recycle bins.  The recycle bins are the being tagged by Waste Pro and not being picked up. Recycle bins and garbage dumpsters are for the exclusive use of that neighborhood’s residents, and not to be used by other communities.  Please make sure your guests and/or tenants know that they are not allowed to use the other association’s garbage disposal areas. The clubhouse has a dumpster that you may use if you or your tenants needs to dispose of their garbage prior to leaving.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



One thought on “Condo’s Garbage Recycle

  1. Jeanne Rogers

    What should be just as important an issue and concern to you and the Board is how visible and disfiguring the trash cans are throughout the entire SR neighborhoods. All condos have cans sitting on the edge of the streets and totally visible in bright blue to all residents, guests AND potentioal buyers. Why have the big bins behind the wall/fence and the blue cans out front? I have never been in any SW FL community no matter how low end or elsewhere where a community allows such an eyesore. The homes in SR must keep our garages closed, cars not parked overnight in the driveways for an extended time (Coach homes look like an apartment complex with all the cars out all the time), our trash cans must be pulled in the same day as pick up and not put out until late the night before. Why are the other neighborhoods allowed by the SR Board and ARC to make SR look the lowest end, trailer type neighborhood? If ARC was really so concerned about “standards” they would address this. Most of SR is well kept and beautiful but this trash area all around is a real problem for community perception and property value.

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