Golf Course Maintenance Update

Dear Spring Run Member,

Just a brief status check on where we are with the Golf Course Maintenance facility’s first phase. The site work is still in process. However, the contractor told me in a meeting Tuesday that everything will wrap up by the end of this month.

Here is a list of the work completed to date:

  • Erected a steel building to house fuel tanks and equipment washing activities
  • Built a concrete block materials bin
  • Installed a 15” reinforced concrete pipe and catch basins along the old culvert so it can be used for parking
  • Installed a 53 ton topdressing sand silo
  • Shaped, graded, and sodded five water detention ponds per the Village of Estero
  • Removed and reinstalled all chain link fencing

Work remaining:

  • Block retention wall being built behind the fuel and wash station
  • Base rock to be brought in today so that the employee cars can be parked inside the facility
  • Gates reinstalled later this week and green fabric screen to cover it all the way around the site
  • Electricians to begin installing lighting in the fuel and wash station today
  • Paving the new employee parking area in two weeks
  • Stops, curbing, lighting, landscaping to finish this off this phase.

I want to sincerely thank the residents of Winding Stream who have put up with the cars parked on the street, noise, construction debris, and equipment traffic since December. We will do our best to screen the facility so it is less obtrusive!

Your patience has been very much appreciated.



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