Round 2: August Course Closure Preview and Projects Update

Dear Spring Run Member,

            As many of you know, we have had a lot of exciting changes and improvements made on the course this summer. The dredge sox erosion remediation on #1 lake bank is complete and it looks phenomenal. Along with the dredge sox, the Timber walls were installed and all the plantings are in the ground. Thank you to Mrs. Gullotti and Mrs. Casale for overseeing and spearheading this portion of the project.

Timber Wall install #1 Tee Box
Backfill Stage #1 Tee Box
Sod work #1 Tee Box
1 Tee Timber Wall Finished Product
1 Tee Timber Wall Finished Product

Click HERE to view Before and After Photos from the Hole 1 project.

Coming up next week, we will enter the second closure for the summer. We will do all the same aerification and cultural practices we did during the first renovation. However, some will be less aggressive than during the first closure because we want to make sure any stressed turf from the summer has ample time to heal up and get ready for season. Along with all the regular cultural practices we will be doing, we will also have a couple major projects going on as well. We will be narrowing the coquina area on hole #15, from the second set of blue stakes to the cart path by the green, down to an 8-foot-wide cart path using sod. This will create more playing surface as well a widen the fairway slightly. Along with the project on #15 we will also be addressing the irrigation issues and drainage issues on the driving range. We will be doing an irrigation renovation and replacing the current system that is up there, with something that will better suit the water needs of the driving range and will also install some drain line that will hopefully improve the drainage on the tee so after rain events we may not have to use the mats as often. The last project that happen during the August closure is the Spring Run Clock will be installed at the driving range. Suncoast builders will be on site to perform that work. As you can see we have had a lot of exciting changes and additions to Spring Run Golf Club this summer and still have some more to come before season starts. Thank you again for all your support.


Benjamin S. Hanshew



One thought on “Round 2: August Course Closure Preview and Projects Update

  1. Carol Kenealy

    Thank you Ben, this looks amazing. So excited to come back and see all that has been done. Thank you and all your great crew for all their hard work. Carol and Mike Kenealy

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