Friendly Reminders

Dear Spring Run Members,

Season is upon us once again and I would like to take a moment of your time to go over a few changes and reminders regarding cart etiquette and guidelines during season. My staff and I are going to make a focused effort this season to reduce the amount of ropes and stakes being used on the golf course. The ropes and stakes do become unsightly and are sometimes more a hassle then a benefit to everyone. With this in mind, we want to try and get rid of the ropes all together, but to do so we need everyone’s help to reduce the wear patterns in the turf. We can accomplish by utilizing the 90-degree rule as much as possible. This means that rather than entering the turf at the white capped stake, that you drive down the path as far as possible before you turn to enter the turf and go to your golf ball. This will spread out the wear patterns in the turf and will reduce the need for stakes and rope, and increase the turf health as well. At the bare minimum though, we ask that you do not enter the turf until you pass the white capped stake.

Another change we have made this season is removing the white balls off the course, which previously indicated where to exit the turf and return to the path. We have replaced them with a much more aesthetically appealing yellow capped stake.

This will now be your marker for exiting the turf and returning to the path. However, to help reduce wear patterns in the turf and the need for ropes and stakes, we ask that all golfers return to the path as soon as possible after hitting their golf balls and avoid driving in the same locations as everyone else. The idea behind this is to spread out the cart traffic and relieve stress on the turf. If we all follow these guidelines, the turf will be much healthier, our golf course will be much more aesthetically appealing, and the need for ropes and stakes will be greatly reduced. We thank you in advance for helping us and look forward to another great season here at Spring Run Golf Club.


Benjamin S. Hanshew



3 thoughts on “Friendly Reminders

  1. Jack Butler

    The Spring Run Golf Course is one of the most desired courses to play, just look at the amount of reciprocal play we have. I for one appreciate all the hard work that Ben, his Assistant Ryan, as well a the entire maintenance crew do. In my 15 years that I have been a member at Spring Run, I have never experienced the golf course being in better shape. All your improvements such as trying to eliminated the ropes, and instituting the new markers can only enhance our golf course conditions. I think all Spring Run members should take the time to complement our maintenance crew when we see them on the course.

  2. Joseph Xavier Martin

    I concur with jack Butler. The maintenance staff is doing a bang up job in keeping the course in such great shape. As Ben suggested, they do need our help daily. And when I see a player not fixing a divot, from our lanai, or finding unprepared ball marks on the green, I wonder who these characters are that treated the course so cavalierly? A hearty attaboy to all of the staff for their continuing. efforts. The course looks great and is fun to play.

  3. William Bigane

    I appreciate all the hard work done by the staff maintaining the golf course, but I would like to ask if some attention could be paid to the area at the end of the cul de sac, at the end of Clear Spring Court. The maintenance vehicles use this on a daily basis to enter and leave the golf course. it is now worn down to basically just dirt.

    I realize it is not a part of the golf course, but the unsightly conditions are the direct result of the course maintenance vehicles.

    Thank you.

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