Summer Projects Update

Dear Spring Run Member,

As season draws near, I want to give a few updates on everything that has happened this past summer. There have been a lot of nice upgrades and additions to our golf course that have improved our club both aesthetically and operationally. We started off this summer, in June, with the addition of the timber walls along #1 and all then beautiful landscaping that coincided. These additions have drastically improved the aesthetic value of hole #1. We also continued the removal of the coquina paths and additions of concrete paths on holes #10 and #16 and installed some curbing and drains to help reduce the erosion issues in a few areas.

#16 Curbing and Drain Install by Tees

 Finally, the addition of the Spring Run Clock at the Driving range and the shrinking of the cart path on hole #15 completed our major summer projects. Overall, everything went great this summer and all the projects came out looking phenomenal and hope that they will enhance and increase your enjoyment of Spring Run Golf Club all season long and for many seasons to come.

Spring Run Clock at the Driving Range
Hole #15 shrunk to an 8 ft wide path


Benjamin S. Hanshew



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