Natural Gas

Dear Members,

Many of you have likely seen the utility flags in the ground at the front entrance indicating the pending installation of a natural gas (NG) pipeline into Spring Run, as evidenced by all the questions I have received about it. This pipeline is strictly a commercial line that is being run from Coconut Rd up to the clubhouse to replace liquid propane (LP) as the fuel for our cooking equipment. It is not intended to supply natural gas to the rest of the community.

We have asked TECO to run this line run down Coconut Rd since 2012. Shadow Wood did get it first and they assessed the owners who chose to switch to gas for the more than $1M cost of the installation and hook-up fees. If we had decided to have this utility brought in to the community, there would have had to have been a lot of community involvement and communication. As it stands, we are several months behind their original target date, and we still do not have a conversion date. That said, once TECO sets a date for hookup, they will have contractors come in overnight to change out all the kitchen equipment from propane to natural gas. The conversion consists of replacing burners and pilot orifices and gas regulators inside each piece of equipment to handle the pressure differences between the fuels. This is all being done at no charge to the club. On the positive side, we expect to save $10,000 in kitchen fuel each year compared to LP!

If you have further questions, feel free to reply below



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