Summer Hours & Services

Dear Spring Run Members,
I would like to clarify what services will be provided during Summer Hours in Spring Run, as there has been some confusion.
In recent years, we have provided happy hour pricing each afternoon from 3:30 – 6 PM, except on Wednesdays when the Clubhouse is closed. This will continue throughout the summer, unless we determine there is not enough support to justify continuing it.
In the Board Meeting May 28, I was asked if delivery was going away now that the Clubhouse is partially reopened. I replied that the delivery concept was not going away, but some took that to mean it would continue with the same previously available schedule. I had mentioned we were in Summer Hours, but did not spell out what that meant in my answer. Delivery will be available during lunch every day but Wednesdays, but dinners only on Friday nights when we are open for regular dinner. Given the lack of business we have seen to date in the Clubhouse, we feel it is more responsible to reopen according to summer demand instead of opening up everything and increasing labor for services not utilized.
Please feel free to reply back with your thoughts on what you would like to see this summer. If we have sufficient requests, we will accommodate them. Keep in mind we will continue to plan the outdoor tailgate type parties in the clubhouse parking lot and under the porte cochere with great food, cold drinks, excellent entertainment, and Spring Run hospitality and camaraderie.
Happy Summer!



2 thoughts on “Summer Hours & Services

  1. Joseph Xavier Martin

    My compliments to you and all of your staff on managing Spring Run during a difficult time. Continued good health to y’all and your families.
    Joe & Mary Martin

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