Ropes and stakes

Dear Spring Run Member,

Ropes and stakes on the golf course can be a nuisance, I know. However, they are there to help manage stress on the turf by redirecting cart and foot traffic. These tools are necessary to help us keep the course in excellent condition. Stepping over them does not help. And cutting them is definitely not appreciated.

Someone has been cutting the ropes on #7, and either Sunday or Monday, they cut those ropes on the tee box in three different places. This is not the first time this has happened, as last year, someone cut ropes on #2 and #3. Not only is this detrimental to attempts to control cart traffic, is extra work for the staff and cost to the club,  it is vandalism. The Board of Directors is very interested in who may be behind this.

Thank you for understanding the purpose of the ropes and stakes. Know that by walking around the ropes and entering the fairway at the last stake, you are helping keep Spring Run’s beautiful golf course in great shape!



3 thoughts on “Ropes and stakes

  1. Sarah Rita Stoeckly

    Perhaps we should reconsider public play (PGA Pass). It is difficult to believe any owner would destroy their own property!

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