Putting Greens Issues

Dear Spring Run Members,

As you may have seen, we are dealing with some issues on the practice green. We have double aerified it, top dressed it, and sodded some of the bad areas on the green as well. There are several reasons for all of this work being done. The first issue is that we are dealing with nematode issues on the green. Nematodes are microscopic worms that feed on the roots and nutrients that the turf needs to survive. The second issue is that the green had a couple of diseases called fairy ring and Pythium that were stressing out the turf. The third issue was a problem call “black layer”. Black layer is an excessive build-up of organic matter in the soil that causes the soil to seal itself off. When this happens, it holds too much water and doesn’t allow the nutrients to move freely in the soil so they can be absorbed by the turf. Subsequently, the roots shrink and die, and the turf thins out and struggles to survive. If not caught, it can eventually kill the turf.

 By double aerifying the green, we physically removed the black layer and opened up the soil so the turf can breathe and begin to heal. Aerifying will help the roots to grow, strengthening the turf. Sodding will allow the green to get back to normal putting conditions faster. And implementing a fungicide program has helped to combat the diseases that were forming on the green.

With all these corrections and careful water management, I am confident that we should see a dramatic improvement in a couple weeks, and hopefully back to normal in a month or so. Thanks for all your understanding as we navigate through this situation. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We are looking forward to a great season at Spring Run Golf Club. Thank you for all your wonderful support!


Benjamin S. Hanshew



One thought on “Putting Greens Issues

  1. Bob Polek

    What has changed in the last few years? Seems like we are always have problems on the course or practice area. What’s happened to just having a playable golf course ?

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