Gatehouse Project Update

Just a few updates on the entryway project. The stone was supposed to be installed yesterday, but a covid outbreak at the company shut down their operations. They have a few installers who have tested negative and those employees are being deployed to do the work this week.

The water feature is still an empty hole due to the extended period of time it took to get the permit. Paperwork turned into the Village of Estero must sit for 3 days due to the virus, and there have been multiple issues involving resubmittals. If a permit is granted today, we can have it inspected tomorrow and footers poured on Saturday.

I have spoken to the electricians and once the internet is installed (underground wiring was dug yesterday morning) then they can rehook the gate operators and hardware in the gatehouse itself.

The main gates and fencing will not be ready until Dec 1, but the precast for the tops and bottoms on the columns will be installed Thursday or Friday.

Finally, I am trying to get a night crew to do the asphalt work next week to minimize the disruption to traffic as well as avoiding the tracking of tire marks. The asphalt company will be putting a lot of sand on the pavers while they install it to keep the new pavers from being marked up.

Thank you for your patience. Feel free to reply back with any further questions.



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