End of Season Survey Questions and Answers: F&B Part 2

The F&B Department would like to sincerely thank all those that took part in the End of Year Survey. We actually do look forward to seeing the comments and results each year, as we use them as a baseline for improvements. Constructive criticism is important. If you don’t have a positive experience, we need to know about it. Please feel free to reach out and let us know how we are doing from time to time. I am always available at fb@springrun.com

As a team we each took five comments and formulated responses. We want you to know that we do hear you, and are taking measures that will help us to become a better Club going forward. We want you to be proud of what we do, especially with your guests. We pride ourselves on being a big family in this department, and want you to be a part of that as well.

We will be sending out a survey asking you what you would like to see on future menus. Please be candid and let us know what you are looking for, whether it is a specific dish or specific style of dining. We are looking for everything from the décor, service, drinks, all the way up to the food. We take what we do very seriously, and want to make sure that you all are receiving nothing short of an exceptional experience.

I know everyone is ready to get back to normal, and we look forward to doing so with you. Thank you for your support and for helping us to strive to become the best dining establishment around!

Josh Petrosky
Clubhouse Manager

Part 2

Q: From talking to numerous Owners, I would say the consensus is that Food Quality has gone down since hiring Kris. Personally, we like Kris, but think he tries to be a little too creative with the end result not be what many Owners expect.

A: As a chef, I have always prided myself on being able to bring innovative, compelling offerings to your table. As with any new position, it takes a while to acclimate oneself to the needs and preferences of their new clientele. To that end, I have tried bringing in some new product and worked at presenting it in an attractive way. Clearly, it has not been received as I had hoped. I will do my best to dial it back and present this membership with the food presentations it is comfortable with at the quality level it deserves.

Q: We really enjoyed receiving the weekly dinner menus and we hope you will continue to offer the take-out service.

A: When the pandemic hit, we were scrambling to make sure we were still able to cater to our members in the most efficient way possible while still providing the dishes you loved. We already had an established delivery service and take-out offerings, we just needed to ramp them up a bit. We increased the marketing visibility of our offerings and dovetailed the delivery and takeout options with them, enabling you as members to still enjoy your club’s food & Beverage offerings while quarantined. These dining options will continue to be available for the foreseeable future.

Q: Not sure why a second kitchen and more kitchen staff is necessary for outdoor dining planned in the rehab. When we dine outside now the food is merely carried out from the existing kitchen. And aside from relatively few busy periods, our observation has been that the dining facilities are usually under-utilized with few tables used on many dinner nights.

A: We will be adding over 100 new seats to the outdoor dining areas, including full pool service. With our current facilities, there is no way we would be able to service those seats and turn them over more than once without additional kitchen space and staff. We have also noticed that, during the last year, outdoor seating was at a premium. Understanding that we were experiencing a pandemic that discouraged people from gathering indoors, there is a strong trend towards this style of dining, even after we come out of COVID restrictions.

However, the main reason for adding this kitchen addition is that it is not possible from a logistical standpoint to efficiently run food from the current kitchen to the outdoors, given the configuration of the back of the clubhouse. While we have serviced the temporary pool/outside dining going through the dining room, that is not a long-term solution when all the different rooms are being utilized at once, and food running traffic will create disruption and potential accidents.

Q: I think some of the special event dinners are too expensive.

A: Me too! That’s why we’re always working with our vendors and distributors to source new products that are properly priced and of outstanding quality, so we can pass that savings on to you while still giving you the dining experiences you crave as a membership. We have been using a purchasing program that allows us to compare similar products and shop for the best values available. We also have started buying local Florida produce to offset the rising freight costs the food supply chain is currently experiencing. We have experienced great success using these tools to mitigate our event costs to the membership and will continue to look for ways to return additional value to your membership.

Q: The club did the best they could during this pandemic they should be applauded. I would like to see a bit more variety of things , It is a bit repetitive and by the end of the season I find we are really sick of the choices. Nothing new. This might because of Covid but in years prior this was our feeling as well.

A: We have been open for dinner more this past year than in previous years. For this reason, we have offered many of the same dishes on menus. It would be easy to blame this on COVID, but that’s only part of it. The other part is the staffing issues in the kitchen. Customarily, we have 12-15 staff members in the kitchen. This past year, we had 8. With the current manpower shortage, a great volume of production this past year was dependent upon the culinary management team’s involvement. This allowed us less opportunity to be proactive about implementing new menus. Going forward, we will be proactive in writing and planning new menus for the membership, while working hard to get staffing levels to required levels. As of this writing, we are planning our menus for the next year and devising a timeline for their implementation as well as recruiting new team members. We do this with your preferences and requests in mind, while still maintaining the contemporary and innovative offerings you look for and the menu item quality you expect.

By Chef Kris


23 thoughts on “End of Season Survey Questions and Answers: F&B Part 2

  1. Lorraine Eberhardt

    My husband and I really enjoy the cooking style of Chef Kris.
    Love his creative style…bringing innovative menu ideas to our community.
    His delicious food and beautiful presentation of dishes is an enhancement
    To our food service at our club. We enjoy his different style of cooking.
    Feels like we are eating in some of our favorite restaurants in NYC.
    We understand his style of cooking is not for everyone. We all have our own opinions.
    But please….don’t squash his style of cooking. We have more than one chef…let them both cook to their specialties. Diverse menus are an asset to our club.

    We understand people want comfort food also. But some people want fine dining also.

    1. Perry Colwell

      We’re with you Lorraine, not sure what the others are thinking about Chef Kris being too creative. I wish the commenter would ha e said what they expect.

      As far as the kitchen expansion, if people would watch the remodeling proposal it’s completely explained.

      Can’t wait to get down there and enjoy our great club!

      1. Josh Petrosky

        Thank you for your comment Mr. Colwell, we look forward to the renovation, as well as having you down here to enjoy your club!

    2. Boyd Reese

      My wife and I agree. For those that was less flare, there has always seemed to be a “standard item” available.. Let the chef create!

      1. Josh

        Thank you for your comment Mr. Reese, we have definitely made sure to have a variety of items available on all of our menus that would hopefully appeal to everyone. With that being said, any and all suggestions on menu items as well as if you would like something custom made, are welcomed.

    3. Naomi Soll

      Absolutely agree – Kris has taken the boredom out of the current menu. I especially liked the way he served the standing caesar salad at one of the events. It was gorgeous, edible and so different that I showed the picture I took to a restaurant owner and they adapted it into their menu.

      His use of the bursting popping boba pearls added not only a new flavor, but an amazing texture to ordinary desserts.

      As said above – please don’t squash his style of cooking. It is unique, creative and especially edible.

      Naomi Soll

      1. Josh

        Thank you for your comment Ms. Soll, it is greatly appreciated by Kris and our Culinary Team. That salad was awesome! We have since used it for several events including a couple of outside ones. The presentation, taste, and overall creativity of it was, and has been very well received. This just goes to show that something as simple as a Caesar Salad can be made into something that is elegant, and perceived as “over the top”. Kris as well as the rest of the Culinary Team will definitely keep the creativity up. We appreciate your support and hope that you are having an awesome summer!

    4. Lorraine Eberhardt

      Chef Kris,

      As you can see from the comments posted here… your style of cooking is very well received by many. Not sure what the person who commented meant by “to creative” One can never be to creative.

      Chef….Please don”t dial it back. You are right on with your cooking style.

      Not sure what the commenter meant by “not what homeowners expect”.
      What do they expect? Personally, I want my club to be different, innovative with high quality food and presentation. New ideas.

      We have also talked to many people in the community as well as other clubs and they really like your style chef.
      Being different is an asset.

    5. Michelle Hum and Rod Abel

      Well said! We agree… we view dining as an experience and if we can enjoy this at our club, even better. As new owners, we look forward to tasting the variety of menu items offered! Keep up the great work!

      1. Josh

        Thank you both for your kind words! We look forward to serving you, and providing you with the best experience possible. We also want to congratulate you all on becoming new owners in Spring Run! This is truly a great place to be.

        If there is ever anything that we can do or help you with, please do not hesitate to reach out.

    6. Josh Petrosky

      Thank you Mrs. Eberhardt, Chef Kris, I and the rest of the team appreciate your comments. We always want to encourage our Culinary Team to be creative, as well as to know when to dial it back. The cooking demos they have put out, along with having the time to talk with you before and after your dining experience is what we all enjoy. Thank you for your support and see you around the Club!

  2. Colleen Coyne

    We are relatively new owners at Spring Run- we have been impressed with the food and the ever changing menu options at Spring Run- The staff (especially wait staff/servers) have been fantastic- they work so hard- tirelessly with welcoming smiles even when they are super busy-We would like to see the Club Open one evening later than 9am or 10am-even if it is just beer-wine and a bar menu outside-

    1. Josh

      Thank you for your comment Mrs. Coyne. I am very blessed to work with such a great group of people, who really and truly love what they do. In this business you want people who care, and have personable upbeat attitude to do whatever is needed to make your experience the best that it can be. I can honestly say that I am blessed with that year in and year out. As for the hours of operation, keep an eye out for when the renovation next year is completed. With the addition of the fire pits as well as the outdoor bar, this will definitely be something we will hope to utilize later at night.

  3. Boyd Reese

    My wife and I went to dinner again last night – probably the 5th time in the last 2 months. Once again the chef, kitchen staff and wait staff hit it out of the park. We have not had a bad nor even average meal nor could possibly have one complaint with the service. 2 of the times we’ve eaten, including last night, we have had friends along and both times they had rave reviews of the great quality food and service! Keep up the great work.

    1. Josh

      Thank you Mr. Reese! The staff will love seeing this comment. Keep coming up to see us, we appreciate you as well as your guests!

  4. Christopher Schaefer

    I concur with previous comments re Chef Chris. I enjoy the style and variety and support changes that increase our dining experiences.

    Chris Schaefer

    1. Josh Petrosky

      Thank you Mr. Schaefer, we all appreciate your comment and hope that you are having a great summer! See you in the fall.

  5. Bob Weyman

    I am flabbergasted at the amount of EXTREMELY negative comments that have been made about the food service. Granted, it is not perfect, but there have been some very strong words used in some of the descriptions that really aren’t warranted. The food portion of any private club is often a financial drain on the club. It’s very tough to compete with everything on the outside, and to draw people into your club when competition is so fierce in the private sector. Our club has done a very good job in my opinion of keeping people coming in. My wife and I were invited to The Strand for dinner last season. Now the strand is probably three times larger than our community. When we entered the clubhouse there was absolutely no one in any of the rooms. The only people dining were out on the back portico dining area. I would doubt if there were 30 people there. It was actually depressing.

    My only complaint would be with the trivia dinners. I don’t think they have been as good as they have been in previous years. That being said, some of them were excellent. When you’re in a situation where you have to feed roughly 100 people a sit-down meals simultaneously, your options are limited as to the type of meal you can serve. I think sometimes that the club tries to do too much. Rather than trying to have something gourmet at these events, I think it would be better to base the selection more upon how well the food stays warm, and theprotein stays tender and doesn’t get over or undercooked. Likewise the veggies should be low maintenance. I guess I am saying that on these occasions it might be better to serve meatloaf and mashed potatoes then beef tips. In other words, food that is tender, warm, and satisfying might be more important at a bocce dinner than something you might expect at a fancy restaurant where you are served individually and the food is prepared individually.

    But other than that I appreciate the fact that our staff tries to be inventive, and tries to push the limits somewhat. I have yet to find something served that was too over the top in terms of gourmet, or trendy, or exotic.

    But you can’t please all of the people all the time. So I just say keep on truckin’ guys. I appreciate your efforts. Listen to criticism, but some people are just naysayers, and you’re not going to change them or win them over.

    In addition, I think that the way you can handle the pandemic was awesome. The pickup and delivery of meals was a huge success in my opinion. Bravo!

    Also, the happy hours were terrific.

    1. Mary Daniel

      Ditto to everything Bob said. Please, Chef Kris, keep on innovating! Don’t dial it down! We love your creativity and fresh take on things. Thank you for all you do for us. I can make meatloaf and mashed potatoes at home.

      And yes, the Trivia menu’s have been underwhelming and overpriced.

      1. Josh

        Thank you Mrs. Daniel, Kris and our Culinary Team definitely appreciate the support!

        The trivia night meals have become a hot topic that will definitely be addressed. We appreciate seeing you, and your table there the weeks that they go on. I also appreciate you voicing your opinion on your experiences here.

        I hope that you and Mr. Daniel are having a wonderful summer, and see you all in the fall!

    2. Josh

      Thank you Mr. Weyman, the dinners on Trivia Night will most definitely be addressed this upcoming season. You are right in that sometimes we do have quite a bit going on up here, as it can put a strain on the kitchen. However, this is where we pride ourselves on offering a variety of options to our membership. This new renovation will definitely help with that, and allow us to focus better on certain events/menus, and special functions. There have been times in the past where space to execute multiple events has been pushed to the limits of what we can do…but we always enjoy a challenge.

      The Culinary and Service Teams sincerely appreciate your comments. You are correct that we do have quite a bit of competition around us, this is why it is always good to hear what these establishments are offering as specials to capture the business. Whenever applicable, please let us know what is being offered.

      The team responded really well to the adversity that went on in 2020 through the early part of 2021. We had to adjust everything that we were doing, from offering more services outside, to delivery 7 days a week, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to providing groceries, masks and paper goods when none could be found…We were all happy to do it and be there for our members. You all are always there for us. Spring Run is a very special place, and anyone who has worked here knows that.

      We appreciate your support and hope that you are having a great summer!

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