End of Season Survey Questions and Answers: F&B Part 3

The F&B Department would like to sincerely thank all those that took part in the End of Year Survey.  We actually do look forward to seeing the comments and results each year, as we use them as a baseline for improvements.  Constructive criticism is important. If you don’t have a positive experience, we need to know about it. Please feel free to reach out and let us know how we are doing from time to time. I am always available at fb@springrun.com

As a team we each took five comments and formulated responses.  We want you to know that we do hear you, and are taking measures that will help us to become a better Club going forward.  We want you to be proud of what we do, especially with your guests. We pride ourselves on being a big family in this department, and want you to be a part of that as well.

We will be sending out a survey asking you what you would like to see on future menus.  Please be candid and let us know what you are looking for, whether it is a specific dish or specific style of dining.  We are looking for everything from the décor, service, drinks, all the way up to the food.  We take what we do very seriously, and want to make sure that you all are receiving nothing short of an exceptional experience.

I know everyone is ready to get back to normal, and we look forward to doing so with you.  Thank you for your support and for helping us to strive to become the best dining establishment around!

Josh Petrosky
Clubhouse Manager

Part 3

Q: Drinks are too high priced. Have happy hour everyday like other places

A: This is something that we have been doing during the summer months May-Oct the last couple of years to try and encourage more people to come up during the afternoons.  We definitely anticipate having an “everyday” happy hour once we open up from the renovation.  This upcoming season we are actually thinking of adding Saturday’s & Sunday’s as extra Happy Hour days, in addition to Wednesday’s and Friday’s.  As for our pricing, we are in line with a lot of similar clubs to us. Unfortunately, with being as small as we are, we lack the purchasing capacity that other larger chains do, so we are not always able to lock in a lower price on beer, wine and spirits that are reflected in their pricing.

Q: Maybe it was Covid related but felt the menu was very limited this year. There was not a lot of change or fluctuation and the choices became old quickly

A: This is definitely something that we will be making a conscious effort to change for this upcoming season.  With being as slow as we were for lunch service, we elected to go with a smaller menu than normal with hopes of keeping our waste as limited as possible.  We also tried to cross-utilize as much product in house between menus for this same reason, along with how erratic our business was between October-February.  We were also open for ala carte service 7 days a week, which in the past 11 plus years that I have been here, has never happened.  This led to more usage of our menus than we had been accustomed too.  It was definitely a learning experience, but something that we promise to never repeat.

Q: Need more waitstaff, also bartender needs to be more consistent. Too many seafood specials! Need more chicken, pork and vegetarian options. More comfort food options, menu items that are geared more towards home cooking, fewer fancy ingredients.

A: Agreed!  We do need more waitstaff and culinary staff, which is why we have begun the hiring process right now.  We will be solidifying the Bar Manager Position for this upcoming season as well.  Seafood specials will continue, as they tend to do really well here especially during lent, but we will also make it a point to have more offerings of other proteins on our menus along with the specials.  We have a very talented culinary team that does like to show off every once in a while, but they know when to turn it up as well as when to dial it back pertaining to preparation and wording of menu items.  We focused a lot more this past year on comfort foods, and will continue to do so going forward.  Please keep an eye out for a questionnaire that will be sent out to everyone asking them what they would prefer to see on our menus in season.  This should also help out with the planning and preparation going forward.  

Q: I understand that you needed to make changes in the Brunch menu due to COVID, however it seemed like the attendance was also lower. Was it the menu or were just less people coming?

The Easter brunch was very disappointing. We have attended almost every Easter brunch for the last 10 years with our guests, usually family. We expected the normal brunch with some additional menu items, like you usually have except saw more of a dinner menu. Our reservation was for noon. Our waitress pleasantly accommodated those that did not want to have dinner at noon with salads. Expensive price for what they had to eat. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the menu.

A: As with everything this past season, Sunday Brunch was one of those areas where we saw a significant decline in attendance.  We did not have the big buffet that we normally have starting in January due to health and safety protocols that we were trying to abide by, and a general hesitancy to use the clubhouse.  We did start doing a limited egg buffet beginning in March when we started to see an increase in attendance, but the numbers were still not on par with what we would normally do that time of year.  With the way things were going, as well as the optics of buffets at that point in time during the season, we felt that it was best to keep things simple and provide the membership with what we could at the time.  This also goes for the Easter Brunch Buffet, which was dialed back from what we normally offer…I assure you that this past year will not affect what we put out in the future for this Holiday.  We have already begun getting back to normal with our buffets and events, and look forward to putting out the famous spreads that we do both in November and April.  We will also have more of a balanced “Brunch” style buffet this upcoming year, as well as more offerings for children.

Q: I think the food and beverage department went out of the way to accommodate events (9 and 18 hole golf lunches) that they set up outside. (a lot of work to set up, serve and take down after the event) but they did it very effectively.

A: This past year was definitely a challenge and made a lot of people come out of their comfort zones.  I looked at it as an opportunity for us as a team to come together, and accomplish something that we have never had to worry about, or given second thought too…Outside Dining.  Almost all events, luncheons, and dinners were held outdoors this past season, of which we only had one rain out, which is pretty amazing.  It was definitely a challenge battling the heat towards the end, as well as running food from the kitchen out to the parking lot and pool areas, where we aren’t really designed to give efficient service too.  However, my staff rose to the occasion and did the best they could with what we had.  There were some nights where we were stretched from The Turn all the way out to the Pool, but we handled it.  By February we had our setups and breakdowns down to a science.  We setup lighting down by the pool, which helped with ala carte dining for 6 months at night, and utilized our portable bar more than we have ever in the past decade.  It was truly a great team effort, and thank you for recognizing it.

Q: I do not participate in several of these meals so went with middle choice. The lunch menu and service are very good. I do find that the dinners are not always consistent. Some are excellent and some are so-so. The same entree changes from time to time. The servers should always bring napkins with a drink. When eating outside all seated diners should be asked if they need a drink or food. When ordering wine we should be asked if we want 6 or 9 ounce not just serve a 9 ounce glass. Just trying to make this a better dining experience.

A: Consistency is what we are always striving for.  We also want to establish a set of standards with our serving and culinary teams to where they ask the right questions.  Where they are regimented in their crafts so that you always get that napkin when greeted at your table or are asked what size glass of wine you would like, as well as if you order a steak medium rare, it comes out that way.  We are also making it a point that all culinary staff is properly trained on plate up presentation, so that each menu item is executed and put together the same way every time.  Chef’s Kris and Mich have been working on weekly training sessions with the current staff on preparation of sauces, sides, and plate ups to help with this consistency.  We pride ourselves on knowing what your preferences are, as well as making sure that you are happy with what you order.  So please, if anything doesn’t come out right the first time, or your experience is sub-par let either Breanna or I know so that we can rectify the issue.

Q: Dinners at Trivia nights we attended were disappointing- the food was not tasteful. Although I love salmon, the sauce on the salmon was not good. Entrees at dinner were not always pleasing. Portions were large, but for example, chicken in the “bowl” items was not very tender. Entrée salads looked like they came out of a bag, and the protein along with a few veggies/fruits was added. I did not always feel we were getting the best value for the charge.

A: Trivia Night meals will be addressed going into season, we want to make sure that we are able to serve in a timely fashion so that the game can be finished at a decent hour.  Instead of making it a three-course meal, we will most likely dial back to a two-course meal with an entrée and dessert, while offering a better-quality protein.  This summer we have been focusing more on a schedule of events with our menu preparation with everything that we have planned on our master calendar, this should help to alleviate the issues that we have had with Trivia Night.  I always encourage our membership to let management know if your meal or experience is less than exceptional.  I can assure you that our salads and entrees are prepared fresh when ordered, and not out of a bag.  We “cook to order” and do not “cook ahead of time”.  This is why sometimes there is a time crunch with dinner entrees ordered between 6 & 6:30pm.  We will do a better job of staggering reservations in the future to help with this time crunch, but rest assured your food is always prepared fresh.

Q: Recently I ate at another bundled club in the area and the food was very good. The members I visited said how happy people were with their food service. Some events at SR the food is fine but other times not so good. If there was more consistency, there might not be so much complaining from members.

A: I always like to hear what other Clubs are doing as well as what they are offering.  If you ever go to dine at another Club, please let the management team know of your experience, as well as bring us back a menu.  We try to get out and see what comparable clubs are doing, as well as participate in multiple surveys…but your first-hand experiences are much more valuable than surveys.  Let us know what made your experience with that Club either exceptional, or not so much…this helps us to better understand your needs as well as what you are looking for.  Please feel free to stop by the F&B Office anytime to let us know about any experience that you have had at Spring Run or abroad.

Q: I appreciate the excellent service from staff & want to thank you all for your kindness especially with delivery service.  I would like to see continue comfort foods on menu (ex. Pot roast, Turkey dinner, chicken dinner, roast pork dinner)

A: Our Delivery Service took off this past year, at the peak of season for us (mid-March-April) we were average 20-30 deliveries on a slow night and upwards of 50 plus on a Friday night.  This definitely helped us out, as well as gave us more inspiration to advertise our specials each and every day.  If you did not feel comfortable coming up to the Clubhouse, we definitely made an attempt to give you value, and the ability to order from us 7 days a week for pick up or delivery.  We will definitely continue having comfort foods on our menus, as they do pretty well here.  We appreciate your kind words and thank you for your support!

By: Josh Petrosky


4 thoughts on “End of Season Survey Questions and Answers: F&B Part 3

  1. Linda Owens

    I love these survey questions and answers. Hopeful, there were an abundance of positive comments to the F&B department.

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Josh

      Thank you for your comment Mrs. Owens, it is very nice to hear from you. We did have a decent amount of good comments as well, and we sincerely appreciate hearing everything that is good and or great. With this blog we wanted to focus mainly on the not so positive ones, so that we can let those who are not satisfied know that we are listening and we do care.

      This will hopefully encourage those who have an issue in the future to reach out whenever there is a problem, so that we can help to rectify that problem sooner rather than later. We want candid responses, and we really and truly want to know how you feel.

      Thank you as always for your support, and cannot wait to see you and Mr. Owens in the fall!

  2. naomi soll

    Josh – in the 20 years we have been at Spring Run, the most amazing dinner we’ve had was this past Thanksgiving’s take out meal. Everything was cooked to perfection – In my life, I’ve never seen a more beautiful turkey. I’d add a picture of the turkey but I can’t seem to be able to do it.

    The food was delicious, the choices were great and the price was excellent. We shared our dinner with friends from Bonita Bay who are still raving about it.

    Perhaps you could consider doing the same type of menu for other holidays as well – even if you had to do it a day in advance and provide cooking instructions. We were in Spring Run for Christmas and were disappointed we were not able to get another excellent meal.

    Thanks to all those who worked so hard to make such a great memory.

    Naomi Soll

    PS – Could we also consider possible dinner in the club on Saturday evenings – with or without music????? Its hard enough to get reservations in restaurants on Saturday and sometimes you just don’t want to hang out in our club. Thanks

    1. Josh

      Thank you for reaching out and your comments Ms. Soll. We are so very happy to hear that you all enjoyed the Thanksgiving TOGO meal. We ended up selling over 70 of them last year, and from all accounts it was a big success.

      As for a meal during Christmas, a couple of years back we did try putting a meal together, but did not get the turnout that we had hoped for. However, if you would like a meal, can always put one together with either a rib roast, ham or turkey along with sides and a dessert per your request. The only caveat being we are open on Christmas Eve until 2pm, so any and all orders would have to be picked up on that day, as we are closed on Christmas Day.

      As for Dinner on Saturday evenings, in season Nov-Apr we always have a menu available usually until at least 7pm. In the summer months we only have food available at night on Monday’s and Friday’s due to how much our volume drops during those months. However, this summer has been a total anomaly in that we have been very busy during the daytime, while dinner nights have been really steady on Monday’s and Friday’s. If you ever want dinner on a Saturday over the summer, we can certainly prepare it for you, and keep it warm up here for you until at least 5:30pm. Or, we can prepare it for you, and deliver it to you along with reheating instructions for you to enjoy at home. When there is a will there is always a way, so please let us know how we may be able to help you with this going forward.

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