Covid-19 Update

Dear Spring Run Members,

Just a quick update on the status of COVID 19 in Spring Run. It has now been a month since the last employee who had the virus came back to work following quarantine. And while I did get a call from an owner on Friday morning who has tested positive, the number of cases amongst the membership that have been reported to me through this omicron wave is no more than seven, and all were either asymptomatic or felt like a cold. I asked each to contact anyone they had been around over the past 5 days and then I would contact anyone else that I was aware of. I am unaware of any cases of transmission from these existing cases.

Again, I will stress how effective I feel the combination of our COVID protocol policy and the air purification systems installed in the HVAC units have been.  We have kept the club open and our community safe. We hope that those of you who are hesitant to visit will feel more comfortable after hearing this update.

Feel free to reply with any questions or comments. Thank you!



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