Staff & Project Updates

Dear Members,

Thank you for all your support and patience as we work through the processes of getting our project off the ground. Finally, we have our timeline so that we can plan the summer and fall activities and ensure that we are able to provide service to the community during construction.

I have had a number of questions about what staff will be staying on the job throughout the project and what is being done for the ones who are being laid off. First, all Golf Course Maintenance and Administrative Staff will remain on through completion. Shayne will continue on maintaining the existing facilities and handling the cleaning instead of our contracted cleaning crew. Josefina is planning to go home for a few months and then will be back sometime in August. Jeff, Scott, and Kelsey will remain in the golf shop coordinating member tee times, and Patty will continue to handle the merchandise. In the Bag Room, Trevor, Pete, and Bryan will be bringing out and putting away bags for everyone playing at other clubs and will undertake a number of improvement projects over the summer. The salaried Chefs in the kitchen will do all the cooking over the summer from the mobile kitchen and Jose, Marina, and Roman will handle the service.  Once the golf course reopens, we will need to ramp up staff for more lunches and typical fall activity. Sometime later in the Fall, we will begin to hire and train new service staff and H2B visa staff in order to be ready for next season and our grand reopening.

Staff being laid off will use their vacation first and then can go on unemployment. During that time, Spring Run will pay the employee’s portion of their insurance and will get a bonus when they return.

I have made a change in the contractor’s demo plans in order to help us maintain our deadlines for completion. Initially, we asked them to preserve the lobby and bar for at least a month and focus demolition on the exterior and pool area. But after reviewing the schedule, it became obvious that having that extra month could hamper the completion date. Therefore, we decided that the demo will begin by the pool, rear of the club, and front lobby and bar about a week after we receive our permits. Once we have a week’s heads up, we will set up a satellite bar in the club room, and serve dinner and happy hours in that room, until we have to move out of there for renovations. At that point, we will move to the Lakeview Room. Dinners, Happy Hours, and events will take place in the Lakeview Room, and will be cooking out of a mobile kitchen outside. The main kitchen will be used for prep and storage.

Many owners have asked about rooms for cards and mah-jongg. The Multipurpose Room will be available, please contact the Membership and Activities Director Mark Oroyan to coordinate.

Expect regular project updates and pictures which can be found on

Please respond with any questions, and have a terrific summer!



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