Greens Aerification Damage

Dear Spring Run Members,

I know many of you have played since we opened last Thursday. There have been a lot of questions and concerns as to what happened to some of the greens. Back in June, during the first closure, we aerified and performed all the cultural practices that were recommended by the USGA during their visit back in April. When we performed their recommended cultural practices, it decimated the root zones of our greens. Because we are in rainy season it is very hard to grow roots this time of year and strengthen the root zone. Roots typically stay where there is water present. Because it is rainy season the roots of grass typically stay shallower than normal. Since the aerification caused a weaker root zone on the greens, we have been doing some extra chemical applications to try and help the root growth. As we approached the second closure, I decided that we were not going to do our typical aerifications because I was afraid that would be too detrimental to the health of the greens. We started by putting our top-dressing layer of sand on the greens, so when we aerified it would push the sand in to the greens and offer a little more stability to the green. Also, instead of pulling cores we used solid tines to poke holes in the greens. This allowed us to get our aerification holes and get sand into the profile without being too disruptive to the greens. When we aerified the greens however, it pulled some sections of greens up where the roots had not healed as well as other areas. These areas were also very hard to spot since we had our top-dressing layer of sand down already. After we aerify greens, we always roll them to try and firm them back up before we start dragging the sand into the holes. When we did this these areas acted like a wave cresting and crashing. It essentially folded the sod over and created indentions in the green. Once we caught the damage, we stopped the process immediately and regrouped. We made all the necessary adjustments as quick as possible so the damage would not continue and sodded the damaged areas immediately.

I realize that this is the last thing that any of us wanted to happen. I can tell you though that, while the greens are a little unsightly right now, they have been making steady improvements every day and looking better each day. With the current progress we are making I think we will be back to normal in a few weeks’ time and looking great for season. My staff and I would like to thank you for your continued support and would like everyone to know that we are working as fast and hard as we can to heal these areas. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Benjamin S. Hanshew


Baby Luka

Dear Member,

On Wednesday, August 18 at 1:01 pm, our Director of Communications & Marketing, Iva, her husband Dragan and big sister Lea welcomed baby boy Luka Sebastian Trifunovic into the world.  Luka was 8.8 pounds and 21 inches long at birth. He is healthy and happy and both mom and baby are doing well.

Transponders and Fobs

Dear Spring Run Member,

We are working to complete any remaining entry access issues by Monday Jan 18. The mag locks should be installed on the pedestrian gates on Monday, along with the loops for the sensors for the large gates. The Privacy and Safety committee on Tuesday agreed that the pedestrian gates should be locked at all times, and since the fobs are going to be used to open those gates, we will be making 2 fobs available per unit at no charge. However, replacements for those will be a $10 per fob.  

The transponder reader is a work in progress. Oftentimes, when a transponder on the windshield doesn’t work, we add a new one to the head light and it works. The electrician continues to observe cars coming in, and testing a transponders in different places on the cars. That said, we are going to install a long range reader soon to see if that works better. That should take about 4 weeks.

The water feature is still not running optimally, or as of yesterday, at all. We believe there is a hole in a pipe either underground or internally that is causing the reservoirs to drain out quickly. The installer will be here Monday to find the leek and repair it.

Club Care will be here on Tuesday to finish plantings around the new gates, and then our Maintenance Department will install St Augustine sod to clean up all the remaining areas.

Thank you all for your patience and please reply with any questions. Stay safe!

Thank you


Gatehouse Project Update

Just a few updates on the entryway project. The stone was supposed to be installed yesterday, but a covid outbreak at the company shut down their operations. They have a few installers who have tested negative and those employees are being deployed to do the work this week.

The water feature is still an empty hole due to the extended period of time it took to get the permit. Paperwork turned into the Village of Estero must sit for 3 days due to the virus, and there have been multiple issues involving resubmittals. If a permit is granted today, we can have it inspected tomorrow and footers poured on Saturday.

I have spoken to the electricians and once the internet is installed (underground wiring was dug yesterday morning) then they can rehook the gate operators and hardware in the gatehouse itself.

The main gates and fencing will not be ready until Dec 1, but the precast for the tops and bottoms on the columns will be installed Thursday or Friday.

Finally, I am trying to get a night crew to do the asphalt work next week to minimize the disruption to traffic as well as avoiding the tracking of tire marks. The asphalt company will be putting a lot of sand on the pavers while they install it to keep the new pavers from being marked up.

Thank you for your patience. Feel free to reply back with any further questions.


COVID-19 Protocol

Spring Run Members,

I wanted to bring you up-to-date on Spring Run’s continued efforts to help aid in keeping everyone safe and help reduce the spread of germs.

The product we are using to disinfect is Bioesque, effective against the emerging viruses. Bioesque requires no rinsing and can be used in occupied spaces. See the Kill times below. This product has the fastest kill time we have been able to find on the market.

We are using this product to disinfect the following in our Clubhouse:

1. Building door entries 
2. Restroom door entries
3. Restroom sinks & counters 
4. Door handles 
5. Light switches 
6. Fitness Equipment 

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping our members and staff safe and informed regarding the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, here are the latest preventative measures from state and federal health officials:

Preventive Measures:

•    Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
•    Avoid contact with people in poor health.
•    Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
•    Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then dispose of the tissue.
•    Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating, after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.


Dear Spring Run Member,

I wanted to let our members know what the Club is doing to be proactive in preventing a potential spread of coronavirus in Spring Run. Fortunately, there are no known cases in the Community, and only 19 reported in Florida to date, but there are many residents voicing concerns about the unknown. Members travel abroad, or up North, and can possibly return to spread this disease without even knowing it. To that end, here are some proactive measures we are taking:

  • Installed Purell hand sanitizers around the clubhouse. Please use them!
  • Purchased a Botanical Disinfectant Solution called Bioesque for our day porter to wipe down handles and surfaces on a daily basis
  • Scheduled a complete top to bottom disinfection routine twice a week through our facilities cleaning service.
  • Informed employees who are feeling sick to stay home and go to the doctor. We cover them with paid time off so they don’t feel they have to come in when they are ill
  • Encourage anyone travelling abroad or coming back from a cruise to self-quarantine themselves until they can get tested.

Mark Oroyan is the point person in charge of Coronavirus Prevention plans and communication, and you can expect more detailed information and helpful tips from him later this afternoon. We are monitoring Lee County Health Dept and the CDC website for up to date information on any new cases, and will stay in touch with you as new information arises. We will be prepared to discontinue large gatherings and alter services in the event it is necessary.  

All flu viruses are concerning, as influenza A can disrupt the workplace and harm an older population. Hopefully you got your flu shot this season. The coronavirus is so concerning, though, since there is so much we don’t know about it, and there is no vaccine or cure yet. Therefore, we will be vigilant and proactive to protect our members and employees throughout the course of this event.

Thank you


Michael G. Zigler, CCM, CAM

General Manager

Spring Run Golf Club Community Assoc.

Natural Gas

Dear Members,

Many of you have likely seen the utility flags in the ground at the front entrance indicating the pending installation of a natural gas (NG) pipeline into Spring Run, as evidenced by all the questions I have received about it. This pipeline is strictly a commercial line that is being run from Coconut Rd up to the clubhouse to replace liquid propane (LP) as the fuel for our cooking equipment. It is not intended to supply natural gas to the rest of the community.

We have asked TECO to run this line run down Coconut Rd since 2012. Shadow Wood did get it first and they assessed the owners who chose to switch to gas for the more than $1M cost of the installation and hook-up fees. If we had decided to have this utility brought in to the community, there would have had to have been a lot of community involvement and communication. As it stands, we are several months behind their original target date, and we still do not have a conversion date. That said, once TECO sets a date for hookup, they will have contractors come in overnight to change out all the kitchen equipment from propane to natural gas. The conversion consists of replacing burners and pilot orifices and gas regulators inside each piece of equipment to handle the pressure differences between the fuels. This is all being done at no charge to the club. On the positive side, we expect to save $10,000 in kitchen fuel each year compared to LP!

If you have further questions, feel free to reply below


Summit’s New Phone System

Summit Broadband has implemented a major upgrade to its Contact Center phone system, powered by state-of-the-art, best-in-breed technology. Among the new enhancements that are now in place are Estimated Wait Time and Place In Queue. Also, if you are calling from a number associated with your account, your account-specific information is presented to the agent to help them assist you as quickly as possible. More features will be added in the future, such as the ability to be called back instead of waiting when hold times exceed five minutes. Many more self-service and customer experience enhancements are planned in the upcoming months.  We appreciate your continued support and invite feedback as we continue this roll-out.  If there are features you feel we need to investigate adding on, please let us know so we can get them on our future roadmap.

Summit Broadband Acquired By Grain Management Llc

Dear Member,

I wanted you to be aware of an action taken recently involving our broadband provider. Grain Management has purchased stock of Summit Broadband to help them grow their business. It will not affect you as an owner or client, but nonetheless it is something we thought you should be aware of.  Spring Run has a contract with Summit to provide services at a specified rate, and therefore, a shift in ownership will not affect a contract that is in place. As a reminder, in year five, your cable bill will actually decrease by the $16 per month as the infrastructure fee will come off.

Click below to read the press release:

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you

Mike Zigler