Summit Broadband Acquired By Grain Management Llc

Dear Member,

I wanted you to be aware of an action taken recently involving our broadband provider. Grain Management has purchased stock of Summit Broadband to help them grow their business. It will not affect you as an owner or client, but nonetheless it is something we thought you should be aware of.  Spring Run has a contract with Summit to provide services at a specified rate, and therefore, a shift in ownership will not affect a contract that is in place. As a reminder, in year five, your cable bill will actually decrease by the $16 per month as the infrastructure fee will come off.

Click below to read the press release:

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you

Mike Zigler 


Summer Closure Projects

When things slow down in June, projects and intensive course maintenance ramp up! Here is an overview of activity taking place over the next couple weeks:

Mon, June 10     

The Erosion Project along #1 lake bank commences. One timber wall bulkhead is being installed across from the tee boxes, and another one will be going behind the green. The palm trees that are in the water will be relocated up onto the rear of the green. Running the length of the hole will be a relatively new product known as Dredge Sox. This system will be employed to hold the dredged lake bottom materials in a biodegradable “sock” to form a new lake bank. Turf will be planted on top of it, and the roots will grow down into the sox material solidifying the new bank. Irrigation heads and lines that are now out in the water will be lifted back up to their original positions. The project will be finished by the time we open back up on June 20, although we may still be working on some sodding and littoral plantings on Friday.

The maintenance staff will be aerifying the entire golf course all week, and using the terra rake on the fairways. This tool is very effective for removing thatch buildup, but may leave some marks until it grows back in, so please be aware.

Also on Monday, the concrete contractors will be replacing soft cart paths on #10 and #16. Please note that our maintenance staff will be eliminating the waste bunker on #15 during the August closure, reducing the coquina back to normal cart path size. Cue the fanfare!

Tues, June 11

Ajax Paving will begin milling Creek Branch Lane, Stonyriver Place, and SRB from Willow Creek/Sandycreek intersection to Streamside pool. This should take two days. Paving will be on Thursday and Friday, then striping immediately afterward. Also, the clubhouse parking lot will be powerwashed and restriped Friday afternoon. We will cordon off the entrance Friday so we can complete this work.  If you need to come to the club, please park on the grass past the entrance.

Finally, on Saturday, the painters will begin to repaint the Dining Room. Unfortunately, there is a longer lead time on the chandeliers and sconces, but on Wednesdays over the next month, we will be installing them as they are delivered.

That’s just some of what we have going on over the next couple weeks. Please reply with any questions, and have a wonderful summer!


Golf Course Maintenance Update

Dear Spring Run Member,

Just a brief status check on where we are with the Golf Course Maintenance facility’s first phase. The site work is still in process. However, the contractor told me in a meeting Tuesday that everything will wrap up by the end of this month.

Here is a list of the work completed to date:

  • Erected a steel building to house fuel tanks and equipment washing activities
  • Built a concrete block materials bin
  • Installed a 15” reinforced concrete pipe and catch basins along the old culvert so it can be used for parking
  • Installed a 53 ton topdressing sand silo
  • Shaped, graded, and sodded five water detention ponds per the Village of Estero
  • Removed and reinstalled all chain link fencing

Work remaining:

  • Block retention wall being built behind the fuel and wash station
  • Base rock to be brought in today so that the employee cars can be parked inside the facility
  • Gates reinstalled later this week and green fabric screen to cover it all the way around the site
  • Electricians to begin installing lighting in the fuel and wash station today
  • Paving the new employee parking area in two weeks
  • Stops, curbing, lighting, landscaping to finish this off this phase.

I want to sincerely thank the residents of Winding Stream who have put up with the cars parked on the street, noise, construction debris, and equipment traffic since December. We will do our best to screen the facility so it is less obtrusive!

Your patience has been very much appreciated.


Interior Redecoration Project Update

Dear Spring Run Member,

I want to thank you for your patience while we finalize the Clubhouse interior redecoration. By now, we all just want it to be done already. Well, we are almost there!

There seems to be a lot of misinformation regarding the balance of the project, so I thought a short note might clear things up.

All those old chairs and tables from the Grill that are sitting in the Lakeview Room will be gone Wednesday. Habitat for Humanity will be picking them up tomorrow. That was the soonest we could get them here. We apologize for the inconveniences experienced by bridge players and associations trying to hold meetings.

The artwork and window treatments will be hung Wed and Thurs of this week. We are still waiting on the new signage.

Finally, the Lobby furniture will all be changed out soon. We are not keeping any of it. However, we have it there until the new stuff arrives. Unfortunately, the new furniture is coming directly from the factory in Wilmington, NC. The flooding from Florence backed up their production and shipping, but we still anticipate a mid-October delivery.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply!


Tables & Chairs

Dear Members,


We received our new chairs and tables this morning and we are left with 120 chairs and 22 tables to store. After exhausting all avenues for commercial re-use, we have decided to offer them to our members and staff beginning this morning. The distribution is first come, first serve. If you are interested, please email Iva Sokolik at There will be a limit of 8 chairs and two tables per unit until they are gone. Any chairs or tables remaining after Friday at 5 PM will be donated to charity.

No other decorations or furnishings will be offered at this time. Artwork will be hung next week, and we expect a number of items will be reused. Some items will go to the Spring Run Charitable Foundation for auction if they are interested, and some can go to the members and staff. Details on these items have yet to be determined.



Condo’s Garbage Recycle

Dear Members,

It has come to my attention that the Condo associations of Sunset Stream, Streamside, and Winding Stream are having problems with people dumping garbage into their recycle bins.  The recycle bins are the being tagged by Waste Pro and not being picked up. Recycle bins and garbage dumpsters are for the exclusive use of that neighborhood’s residents, and not to be used by other communities.  Please make sure your guests and/or tenants know that they are not allowed to use the other association’s garbage disposal areas. The clubhouse has a dumpster that you may use if you or your tenants needs to dispose of their garbage prior to leaving.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.