2018 Elections are right around the Corner!

Have you considered running for the Spring Run Board of Directors?

Perhaps you know someone who would be a good candidate?

Feel free to let Vince Corso, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, know your thoughts.

A notice of Elections will go out mid-January detailing the schedule, deadlines for submission, and other pertinent information.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Zigler.

Happy New Year!



Rakes in or Rakes out of Bunkers?

Dear Members,

Rakes in or Rakes out of Bunkers?  

The following is an excerpt from the USGA’s “Rules and Decisions”

“Question:  Should rakes be placed in or outside bunkers?

Answer:  There is not a perfect answer for the position of rakes, but on balance it is felt there is less likelihood of an advantage or disadvantage to the player if rakes are placed outside bunkers.

It may be argued that there is more likelihood of a ball being deflected into or kept out of a bunker if the rake is placed outside the bunker.  It could also be argued that if the rake is in the bunker it is most unlikely that the ball will be deflected out of the bunker.

However, in practice, players who leave rakes in bunkers frequently leave them at the side which tends to stop a ball rolling into the flat part of the bunker, resulting in a much more difficult shot than would otherwise have been the case.  This is most prevalent at a course where the bunkers are small.  When the ball comes to rest on or against a rake in the bunker and the player must proceed under Rule 24-1, it may not be possible to replace the ball on the same spot or find a spot in the bunker which is not nearer the hole.

If rakes are left in the middle of the bunker the only way to position them is to throw them into the bunker and this causes damage to the surface.  Also, if a rake is in the middle of a large bunker it is either not used or the player is obliged to rake a large area of the bunker resulting in unnecessary delay.

Therefore, after considering all these aspects, it is recommended that rakes should be left outside bunkers in areas where they are least likely to affect the movement of the ball.

Ultimately, it is a matter for the Committee to decide where it wishes rakes to be placed.”

And the Committee says “outside”!

Also, it has come to my attention that some members feel we are only going to renovate a few bunkers, or maybe just the greenside ones. The plan is that ALL bunkers will be replaced with the Bunker Solutions material. It is so cost-effective and  erosion-resistant, it wouldn’t make sense to leave any undone, given that the crew needs to fix them all after a downpour.

Feel free to reply with any questions.


Golf Course Notes

You may wonder why there is a piece of equipment sitting in the rough on hole #10. Unfortunately, the rough unit sprung a hydraulic line leak, spilling fluid onto the turf. We are awaiting the delivery of a new hose, and it should be fixed tomorrow. In the meantime, the maintenance crew is flushing the area with water to move the hydraulic fluid through the soil. This will minimize the damage and to help the turf recover. It will turn brown for a while, but then the grass will grow back.

The greenside bunker on hole #18 should be completed later today or tomorrow. Regardless, the MGA will play the actual green tomorrow with the bunker marked “Ground Under Repair”. This will end the greenside bunker renovation for this season. We will start again in May with Hole #1 –greenside bunker. Throughout season, the crew will be renovating some out-of-the way fairway bunkers while golf continues.


Shopping at Golf Guys? Don’t forget to charge it back to the Club!

Dear Spring Run Member,

It has been brought to our attention that some members are using their credit cards instead of charging back to their club account when making a purchase at Golf Guys. Tell the counter associate your name and that you are a member of Spring Run, and they will send the transaction to us. In the  event that the associate is unaware of this policy, please let us know immediately.

Since Golf Guys is now handling our merchandising, there is no difference in price between their shop and ours. So purchasing there with your credit card offers no savings. The pricing that we now have comes from the buying power we get through our agreement with them. Charging back to the Club ensures we get credit for the sale, further ensuring that our pricing stays low. In addition, the Club gets commission on all golf equipment and attire purchased at either our own Golf Shop or at the Golf Guys Store. If you use your card at their store, the Club does not get credit for the sale.

Have questions? Please reply. Thank you!


Cleanup Update

Dear Spring Run Member,

Cleanup from Irma continues around the community, but things are looking better, and we are getting ready for season. The next phase is stump removal, and then ultimately tree replanting. We were unable to save 47 trees that blew down around the common area (aside from the golf course, neighborhoods, or preserve areas), and those will be slated for replacement. Most will be replaced with the same type of tree, but there are a few varieties that may be replaced with something else. We are looking into the best options with our arborists.

We lost a few structures as well, including both metal structures for the bocce canopies, and about half of the fencing along Coconut Rd and one of the stucco pillars. Due to the demand for fencing and repairmen, it may take a couple months to get this completed. All in all, we were very fortunate. The damage to East Naples, Marco Island, and Lehigh has been significant.

I know there are questions and concerns regarding the cost of cleanup, but it may be awhile before I have final numbers. We do have insurance, but for a named storm, the deductible goes from $5,000 to 5% of the total insurable value. Because of this, we will be focusing on funding the costs of recovery first before considering new projects. There is a Board Workshop prior to the October Board Meeting to discuss the status of cleanup and expenses, and how to handle planning going forward, and we will share any information we have with you afterward.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this.


Employee Assistance

Dear Spring Run Member,

I would like to start by saying thank you so much for all your generosity in donating to the Employee Hurricane Relief Fund. A committee of members has been meeting with some employees who have been affected by the storm, and are going to determine on a case by case basis what can be done to help. We have three employees with children who are unable to stay in their homes due to flooding that has persisted, and all of their belongings are gone. Your donations are very much appreciated.

Not all donations need be in the form of money. If you have clothes, appliances, or furniture that you are getting rid of, now would be the time to donate them directly to the Club. We take pictures of everything, and let employees in need know what is available so we can take care of them right away.

Spring Run is a wonderful place because of its caring and generous owners. Your staff appreciates your efforts!


Michael G. Zigler, CCM, CAM
General Manager