Summer Hours & Services

Dear Spring Run Members,
I would like to clarify what services will be provided during Summer Hours in Spring Run, as there has been some confusion.
In recent years, we have provided happy hour pricing each afternoon from 3:30 – 6 PM, except on Wednesdays when the Clubhouse is closed. This will continue throughout the summer, unless we determine there is not enough support to justify continuing it.
In the Board Meeting May 28, I was asked if delivery was going away now that the Clubhouse is partially reopened. I replied that the delivery concept was not going away, but some took that to mean it would continue with the same previously available schedule. I had mentioned we were in Summer Hours, but did not spell out what that meant in my answer. Delivery will be available during lunch every day but Wednesdays, but dinners only on Friday nights when we are open for regular dinner. Given the lack of business we have seen to date in the Clubhouse, we feel it is more responsible to reopen according to summer demand instead of opening up everything and increasing labor for services not utilized.
Please feel free to reply back with your thoughts on what you would like to see this summer. If we have sufficient requests, we will accommodate them. Keep in mind we will continue to plan the outdoor tailgate type parties in the clubhouse parking lot and under the porte cochere with great food, cold drinks, excellent entertainment, and Spring Run hospitality and camaraderie.
Happy Summer!


From Executive Sous Chef Jorge Villagomez

” Spring Run,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, as many of you know, and for those that do not, I will be leaving Spring Run as of December 31, 2016.  I have been the Executive Sous Chef for the past five years while being there for six.  I have come to love and adore the membership as if they were my family, in reality, they were, as I have left mine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to move to Naples six years ago.  I never imagined I would have stayed so long as I had a personal rule never to stay longer than three years at any particular job, not because I didn’t want too, but because I was always in search of new enlightening experiences to help me succeed in my career and life.  Somehow that rule was thrown out the window here as Spring Run has a charm and eloquence that I believe makes this place home for all who stumble upon our little secret sliver in paradise.
I leave knowing that this place is in good hands.  I am proud to say that I was part of building such an amazing team that we currently have, and know that things will only get better as time gives them the experience needed to grow.  Chef Steve has been a wonderful mentor and father like figure, an unforgettable master of his craft, and someone that I will always pay homage too in any future endeavors.   We have the best front of house staff I have ever worked with and many of this I give credit to Josh for his dedication and love of his job. The leadership provided by Mike Zigler I will carry with me as I pursue my career in business and marketing.  He has been a model of what I would like to strive to become and will someday.
I have been a part of some wonderful events at Spring Run.   I would like to thank my wine dinner enthusiasts who helped create such an extraordinary atmosphere.  The cooking classes that helped me become comfortable with speaking in public, and the charitable dinners that made me feel like I was part of something bigger as I will continue to help others when needed.
The past three years I have been attending Florida Gulf Coast University while majoring in marketing, and I have finally reached my final semester.   I will be graduating in the spring of 2017.  I want to thank Spring Run for all it done for me.   It really has been a wonderful journey and I couldn’t leave without letting you know.  It will be hard not seeing all the faces that I have accustomed to seeing over the years but I hope the impression I leave is as good as the one Spring Run has left on me.


Executive Sous Chef
Jorge Villagomez”

Transforming Friday Ala Carte Dining into a Fresh, Cutting-Edge Experience


The Food and Beverage staff would like to try something new and fun…something that brings you more variety and value.  For last several years we have come out with a smaller ala carte dining menu for the summer months.  These menus cover all the bases of beef, poultry, fish, pasta, as well as incorporating a few specials.  But what we want to do from here on out is create a new “Fresh” style menu for you to choose from that changes each week throughout the summer.

Our talented culinary team want to show you what they are made of, and provide you with entrees that you will not want to miss out on.  The menu each week will consist of 8 items (2 Beef, 2 Poultry, 2 Fish, and 2 specialty entrees).  The goal is to incorporate locally grown and sourced meats and vegetables, creating new and exciting meals that will captivate your taste buds and entice you to come back for more.  The introduction of this variety each week allows us to bring you even more creativity and freshness.

Some of the changes you may also see are reducing salt and replacing it with more healthy spices and fresh herbs; reducing sugar-added sweets and desserts; using healthier oils, organic fruits, and vegetables grown without GMOs; and antibiotic-free pasture-raised animal proteins; which are just some of the new things that you can look forward to coming out of the kitchen.

Once a month, in place of our rotating dinner menus and Thirsty Thursday’s, we will also have a table d’hôte special called “Two can Dine with a bottle of Wine for $39”.  It will consist of a 5 item menu with a starter, main course and bottle of red or white wine for 2 people for $39++!  This event will act as our ala carte menu for that evening and will give you a chance to taste an abundance of different flavors that you can pair with a nice bottle of wine.

We hope you will enjoy these new concepts. Give us your opinions. We are listening and we want to make sure that each time you visit that you enjoy our service, quality, and value!

Update on Chef Steve

To the Spring Run Community,

Some of you may already be aware, but for those who are not, Chef Steve underwent a quadruple bypass surgery last evening. The surgery is complete and he is recovering well, but he has a road to recovery. He is at NCH downtown, but his daughter asks that we please be patient when it comes to calling or visiting in the next few days, as he needs his rest. She also says “thank you for all the concern, love, and support you have given so far, and continue to show in the weeks ahead.” Despite his condition, we expect him to recover and rejoin the team in the next month. We miss his puckish personality and culinary wisdom, and look forward to welcoming him back soon.

In the interim, we are reinforcing our ranks to make sure that the large number of April events we now have scheduled are well taken care of.

Until Steve is moved to his new room, please send cards etc to the Admin Office, and we will deliver them to him personally. Thank you.



Summer Closures: “A Time to Maintain”

Dear Member,

It is summer time again…time to close the club for a week in June and again for a week in August. But WHY?

The main reason for shutting the club down for a week at a time is that we do severe golf course maintenance. What do we mean by “severe”? If you have ever looked out the window of your unit during one of these closures, you will know that we mean. Summer time is cultivation time.

1. We actually start our maintenance work the week before the closure. We begin by verticutting the fairways, tees and greens. This work is performed by a contractor as they have the big equipment necessary to perform this work all on one day. The end result of verticutting the fairways is the removal of 70 cubic yards of thatch and organic buildup that inhibits plant growth and water transpiration. After the verticut, all the tees and fairways are fertilized with 6 tons of a combination blend of organic, ammonium sulfate and sulfate of potash magnesium.

2. Whew! Now for the actual closure work. During the week of June 6 – 10 we aerated the greens, tees, fairways.  Again, a contractor is hired to perform this work as they have the really big equipment to do the job. We only do this work twice a year, so it is not cost effective to actually purchase this equipment. On the greens, the contractor uses 5/8 “ hollow tines at a 4” depth to forcefully remove cores of turf and soil every couple inches, thus exposing the root system to more air and encouraging faster growth and a healthier plant. The same core aeration is performed on the fairways as well using a larger ¾ “ hollow tine at a depth of 4” as well.  All these areas received a total topdressing of 500 tons of sand! This process takes about 4 days to perform, and since this is usually the rainy season, we have to allow for “rain days.” You cannot aerify or top dress when the course is wet.

The course reopened on Saturday, but as most summer residents know, it will take a week or two before conditions are once again pristine. And then it looks and plays absolutely perfect… until we tear it up again in August! There is such explosive turf growth in the summer, this process needs to be done again within 2 months or so. It is standard southern golf course protocol to perform aeration twice during the summer. Some courses even throw in a third or deep tine aeration as well. It’s all in the name of providing a beautiful course for our members year round.

When the course is closed, we close the clubhouse too in order to perform maintenance or renovation work in other departments, such as:

Food and Beverage
•    Cleaned and fixed Grill Room tables
•    Deep cleaned and organized the side stations.
•    Started working on decorations for fall events.
•    Got a new tarp for the beverage cart.
•    Cleaned out the bar area and bar fridges.
•    Organized attic space

Golf Operations
•    Shampooed the Pro Shop Carpets
•    Did a complete shop cleaning
•    Cleaned and shined the Golf Cart Fleet

General Clubhouse Work – The Dining Room no longer has the “Blues”
•    The dining room walls have been repaired, textured, and painted a lighter color
•    The old dining room carpet has been replaced with brand new carpeting
•    The old window treatments have been removed and new fabric will soon be made into new drapes
•    Old dining room chairs are gone, and will be replaced with brand new chairs, which are much more sturdy, and will match the room utilizing the same high end, beautiful fabric as the drapes.

The golf course requires maintenance during the winter season as well, but with the majority of demand for tee times October-April, there are only a couple opportunities to do regular maintenance without disrupting play.  Throughout season, the only time we have to do anything is on Tuesday mornings (when no shotgun starts are planned) or on Thursday mornings (opposite 9 hole golfers).  Generally, we will do a light sand topdressing and fertilizer application during these mornings and any other necessary work that we can accomplish without inconveniencing the membership.

One last note: we were planning an application of “Curfew” today, but due to the extremely dry conditions, we need to postpone this. You probably remember Curfew as that really smelly chemical we use to kill nematodes. Nematodes are tiny organisms that latch onto the grass root and sucks the nutrients from the plant. Curfew is the only available and effective means for dealing with these plentiful and annoying pests. Let unchecked, nematodes can destroy a golf course. We will keep you posted as to the new application date, as this application requires you to stay off the course for 24 hours.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!