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“Springing Forward” gives you a behind the scenes look into the issues affecting Spring Run and its Members. What topics would you like to know more about?

Leave a reply below and we will use your topic in a future blog.

9 thoughts on “Suggest a Topic

  1. Jim Rock

    Mike great information in the tee times article. Thanks for addressing our goal for the greens committee this year of gatheing information from the members. Maybe we could get some pics posted from the newly renovated areas of the other courses to share with the members before their return.

    Again great job

  2. Don Peters

    Hi Mike, What’s the water situation this year to date and are we in good shape for the Fall and early Winter?

    What’s the plan for brunch on the weekends and order of the menu nights for the coming season? Thanks, Don

  3. Mr. Wilson,
    Yes, the Dining Room is open for lunch every day, except Wednesdays from 11am- 2:30pm. We also have Sunday Brunch from 10am to 2pm.
    You can view the menus on our website under Club Activities >> Dining & Social >> Menus.

  4. Ken & Carol Reiner

    I would like to know if cart path enhancements will remove soft cart paths from behind all fairway units? If soft cart paths are going to be used anyone living along a fairway will not be able to open any windows do to the amount of dust that will occur. This needs to be addressed before the vote.

  5. Don Theisen

    Is there any plan to remove some of the Cochina (sp) on the course? My opinion is there is too much and not “fair” in some cases, it punishes a good shot to the green. An example of this condition is #5 where a straight shot is in the Cochina. I haven’t talked to anyone that likes the Cochina.
    Not meaning to sound negative about our course, I can’t believe the condition of the course given the number of rounds it experiences. Outstanding job by the groundskeeper and his staff.

  6. Jim Rock , chairperson green committee

    Thanks for your observation. However the fairway and line of flight for #5 is predominately to the right. We will check to make sure all the tees are placed in the correct alignment. Sometimes, in haste to complete all maintenance, the tees are in the incorrect alignment towards the coquina.

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